“All life begins and ends with the tribe. Loyalty to your family is everything.” - Shaman Salazar Trueblood



*ink blots have rendered the text unreadable*

The Tome will be remedied as hastily as possible. Please refer back at another time for the remainder of this information.

- Theobald Van Strusselheim, Royal Archivist 




  • Begin with 10 Skill Points (SP)
  • Begin with 6 Life Points (LP)
  • Begin with 2 Resurrections
  • Begin with Escape skill for free
  • May purchase LP to a maximum of 15 LP
  • May purchase the Physical Endurance skill for half cost (rounded up)
  • May purchase the Resist Movement skill for half cost (rounded up)
  • May purchase Rapid Healing skill without Prerequisites for half cost (rounded up)
  • Unable to purchase Iron Will skill
  • Must pay +2 SP to purchase Exceptional Strength
  • Must pay double for Read & Write skill
  • Must pay double for Read Magic skill


  • Scaled Skin (makeup or prosthetics should cover exposed skin)
  • Colouration representative of any real world lizards
  • Solid, singularly black or brown make-up is not permitted
  • Lizard-like tail






Max. Age

16 years

40 years

2 years

70 years


Youth: This is the minimum starting age for a given race. This is also the minimum age that can be achieved through rejuvenating spells.

Elderly: This is the age when the effects of time begin to take their toll and benchmarks aging negatives for a character, eventually affecting their Life Points.

Aging: Upon reaching the age indicated in the “Elderly” column, a character’s maximum LP decreases 1 Life Point for every increment of years indicated in the “Aging” column. For example, if the racial maximum LP for a goblin is 8 LP, a 42-year-old goblin character would have a maximum Life Points of 6. (A 42-year-old Goblin is 12 years over “Elderly” and, marking two increments of aging at 5 years each, reducing that characters’ Life Points by 2.)

Maximum Age: Upon reaching the age indicated in “Max. Age” the character is deceased and may not resurrect.



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