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Celestials and Infernals

This document serves as a summary of a general understanding of Celestials and Infernals in the world, and how they related to the gods, along with their interactions with mortals.

Existence Of Celestials And Infernals

Celestials and Infernals come into existence with the creation of a god and their divine domain, and are innately aligned with their god. All gods have both serving them. The greater the power of a celestial or infernal does often equate with a more focused purpose or a greater ambition. This does lead to varying types of celestials and infernals and varying levels of power within those divine types. The celestials and infernals of one god are not identical to those of another. Every celestial and infernal is heavily influenced by the divine domain they originated from, and their correlating purpose or ambition.

Celestials – Beings Of Purpose

Celestials embody the purpose of a god and what their domains control. Focused beings of light divine power, the purpose of each celestial individually determines their actions in all things, sometimes favorable to others while sometimes dangerous. Typically they interact very seldom with mortals and deals or pacts with them are extremely rare if unheard of. They are the beings that ensure the reason for the god’s domain existing is accomplished.

Infernals – Beings Of Ambition

Infernals embody the ambition of a god and what their domain controls. Concentrated beings of dark divine power, the ambition of an infernal determines their attitudes in all things, sometimes beneficial to those they meet while sometimes costly. Typically they interact with mortals more regularly and deals and pacts with more powerful ones are not unheard of. They are the beings that ensure the will and desires of the god are brought forth.

Authored by: Jared Hindle
Fantasy Alive Lore Team 2021
Copyright © Endless Adventures Ontario

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