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Merchant Houses within Harodom

House Toth – Founded 1927 A.T.

Renowned for their ability to get any items one may require, House Toth offers fair prices and few questions. Though rumours are whispered of shadier dealings with this merchant house, there has been no proof of willful wrongdoing, and the House remains in good standing with Harodom nobility. House Toth is recognizable by their black tabards and a red ‘T’ as their sigil.

House Davidoff – Founded 1934 A.T.

A merchant house that all would require, they specialise in mundane items of quality ranging up to the finest within the Kingdom. From a shovel to a sword, this house is known to carry what is needed. House Davidoff is recognizable by their green tabards and a white ‘D’ as their sigil.

House Ramsey – Founding in the Michian Empire

A merchant house from Michian, they specialize in magical items and components. Not much is known about the house itself; however their popularity often falls hand in hand with the political views that the nobility of Harodom take on the Empire of Michian. House Ramsey is recognizable by their black and yellow tabards, with a yellow ‘R’ as their sigil.

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