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The Bile Walkers
The Followers of Blythe

“The progeny of Stasa and Anajaream, Blythe took quickly after his mother’s influence, though his methods differed greatly. Unlike his mother Blythe cared nothing for the thrill of the chase but preferred to wait and watch his work slowly overcome his victims. So, it was then that Blythe sow the seeds of sickness, disease, and poison across the land; carefully baited traps, to catch the unaware, and bring them to their grave.”

Mortalis 13:3

Known to the world as the Carrion Hand or Life Bane, Blythe controls the realm of sickness and disease. While no open church of Blythe can be found, his followers do exist, secretly meeting in the darkened shadows where few others will tread. No formal hierarchy controls his temples. Followers struggle for power, often leaving the bodies of the unaware poisoned in their wake.

The symbols of Blythe include the rat, the vulture, and the fly.

Principle Holiday: August 8th – The Mushroom Feast
Devotion – Tending poisonous plants
Spell incants are prefixed by “With carrion hands”
At Will spells: 6th – Detect Poison, 9th – Disease
Shared Domains: Kazzok, Iccula
Opposed Domain: Apenca

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