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The Coin Talkers
The Followers of Marius

One of the lesser gods, Marius’s interests sit deeply within the affairs of man. Patron of travel and trade, Marius’s name is revered by merchants everywhere. Often traveling with merchant caravans, followers of Marius ensure protection and fair trade of goods. Nearly every city large enough to support a permanent market square contains a temple to Marius, the location often doubling as a customhouse, trade centre, and coin exchange.

Followers of Marius are renowned for their knowledge or rare wares and their values. Selling wards and protections to those with a desire to protect their valuables from thieves, the coin talkers are known to occasionally act as bankers and moneylenders to supplement their income.

The symbols of Marius include a pile of coins, a wagon or cart and the wheel.

Principle Holiday: July 16th – Summer’s Fair
Devotion – Traveling to a destination or trading
Spell incants are prefixed by “With fair exchange”
At Will spells: 6th – Repair, 9th – Mage Lock
Shared Domains: Brack, Sasha
Opposed Domain: Astrid

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