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The Hands of Beauty
The Followers of Arkady

Sometimes called the Lady of Wonders or Innocent Sister, Arkady is the embodiment of beauty. It is said that any mortal man who lay eyes on her shall be forever entranced and blinded by her radiance.

Amongst her followers two distinct schools of thought exist. There are those who believe that they should display beauty in their own selves, spending days at a time preening and preparing themselves. These followers of Arkady are vain beyond measure and in a constant search of methods to improve their appearance. The remainder of Arkady’s faithful, often painters, artists, or curators, search instead for examples of their lady’s beauty elsewhere, preserving and displaying it whenever possible.

No formal shrines to Arkady exist, her clerics often working alone or in small bands and gathering wherever beauty can be found in abundance. Violence and bloodshed are abhorrent to the messengers of Arkady, who often use their renowned charm to disarm such situations.

The symbols of Arkady include the mirror, rose, and pearl.

Principle Holiday: October 15th – Harvest Song
Devotion – Primping
Spell incants are prefixed by “With beauty and grace”
At Will spells: 6th – Bless, 9th – Stun
Shared Domains: Alejandero, Apenca
Opposed Domain: Blythe

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