New Player Information

We know there’s a lot to figure out when you’re getting started, especially if this is the first time you’ve LARPed.  This page has information to help you get started, and some premade characters you can choose from. 

We don’t have a specific class system at Fantasy Alive.  The ability to purchase skills, and any adjustments to the cost, is determined by the race you select. For your first event, we suggest selecting Human. For your first character, you start with 30 Skill Points and no OC. For items your character will start with, those are determined by the skills you select as per our 

We will also lend you a few pieces of gear to help you get started  For your first event, we can lend you a weapon, a holy symbol for a cleric and a simple costume.  Please let us know if you would like to borrow anything from us. After your first game, we’re able to rent out gear for $10.00 per event.


Submitting a Character Backstory

A character backstory can help you to figure out where your character fits in the world of Fantasy Alive. Creating a character backstory can help to flesh out your character, and to help describe their experiences and lives before the events of game. In general, a character backstory should help to explain how your character came to be the person they are now, and why they would be interested in exciting and dangerous adventures. When you have a backstory figured out, you can submit it to us HERE.

Pre-Generated Characters

To help ease new players into the game and world, we’ve setup some basic character builds to start with. There are four different pre-made options.  We’ve named them after four of the most notable class archetypes – Cleric, Fighter, Mage and Rogue. When you make your first character at Fantasy Alive, you can choose one of these pre-gen characters, or you can customize your own character at 30 SP (or 35 SP for a Human) to start. To go submit your character, just follow this link here!


Pre-Made Cleric CharacterThe Cleric
As a human Cleric, you’ll have 5 Life Points, and 11 Spiritual Energy to cast spells. You will can also be able to wear 6 points of Armour. The skills you have will let you use a one-handed Blunt weapon, like a club or a mace, to defend yourself. To become a cleric, you’ve studied Theology and have your first level of Clerical Investment. This example is a cleric of Clovis, his holy symbol is a Star.
Starting Equipment Package: Mace, Shrine, 300 copper
Atha – Nature worship and Healing Spells
Callis – Fire worship and Damage Spells
Hemulis – Battle worship and Buff Spells
The Fighter
The fighter is skilled with a one-handed sword. With the Weapon Mastery skill, you do +1 damage when using your sword. You also have Counter Attack, one Parry and one Disarm. You have 5 Life Points and can wear 10 Armour Points.
Starting Equipment Package: Longsword, 10 Locations of Leather Armour, 300 copper
Sword and Shield fighting style – Items: Longsword, 10 Locations of Leather Armour, Shield, 300 copper
Axe and Shield fighting style – Items: Battle Axe, 10 Locations of Leather Armour, Shield, 300 copper
2h Sword fighting style – Items: Two Handed Sword, 10 Locations of Leather Armour, 300 copper
Mace and Shield fighting style – Items: Mace, 10 Locations of Leather Armour, Shield, 300 copper
Pre-Made Fighter Character
Pre-Made Mage CharacterThe Mage
The Mage can cast spells based on study.  You know how to read and write, as well as read and write magic.  You have ten points of Magical Energy to cast spells.  You can wear 5 points of Armour, and have 5 Life Points.
Starting Equipment Package: Spellbook containing Fire Dart, Frost Dart, Pin and Mystic Robes, 300 copper
Protection Spells: Repulse, Lend Health, Bravery, Mystic Robes
Damaging Spells: Fire Dart, Frost Dart, Magic Stone, Spark
Debuff Spells: Pin, Disarm, Magic Stone, Mystic Robes
The Rogue
As a rogue, you’re a quick fighter who can get in and out when attacking. You have one Dodge to avoid attacks. You are skilled with a one handed sword or daggers, and with your Florentine skill, you can also use a dagger in your off hand. You can hit for +1 damage when you’re hitting from behind with the Backstab ability, and you can use the Knockout skill once per fight.
Starting Equipment Package: Two daggers, 10 Locations of Leather Armour, 300 copper
Assassin: Critical Attack instead of Knockout.
Bounty Hunter: Subdue and Stunning Blow instead of Backstab and Knockout.
Trapsmith: Mechanic 1 and 2 instead of Knockout.
Pre-Made Rogue Character
Posted by Ian Patterson