Fantasy Alive strives to make a welcoming and friendly game in which honourable players come together to create an immersive game world full of physical, mental and emotional challenges. We work to encourage a positive community to allow everyone to enjoy the game and have fun together.

Please read through our Policies below, and feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions. 

Behaviour and Community Policies:

Code of Conduct

Consent to Participate in EAO Games and Release from Liability

Rules for Participating in Official Fantasy Alive Online Spaces

Fantasy Alive’s response to Black Lives Matter

EAO Support Manual

Health and Care of Player Policy

Player Age Restriction

Gender Identity and Character Gender Policy

Camp Manitou Site Rules

Business Policies: 

Payment and Refund Policy

Donation Policy

Franchising Opportunities

Business and Vendor Policy 

Game Management Policies: 

Rule Change Policy and Method

Remort, Retirement and Finishment Policy

Player Character Nobles РPrivileges and Responsibilities 

How to PC, Cast and Transfer Between

Clerical Investment Deities: Losing Faith and Changing Deities

Posted by Ian Patterson