FA Database FAQ

Where do I find the Database?

Here’s a link! https://database.fantasyalivelrp.com/

What is the Fantasy Alive Database?

It is the place to go for all of the information you need to register for an FA event, update your character, see all of your important information, and so much more! It’s super useful and exciting, so go check it out! https://database.fantasyalivelrp.com/

What can I do in this Database?

Here’s a quick list…

  • View your Player information
  • View your Character sheets
  • Create a new character
  • Register for an upcoming event.
  • Buy new skills, spend downtime, do all your usual log stuff*
  • Give tags produced at Log to another character.
  • Participate in Town Building
  • And more!

* Not all log features available. Further ones will be added as we go.

Why doesn’t this Database do everything I want it to?

This Database has been a project we have been working on for more than a year to get it to this state, so while it doesn’t do absolutely everything, it does cover the majority of player’s actions at log. So we wanted to get this up and going for everyone now. The rest of things we do with log will be added as we go, and if you have something in particular you want to include you can send us a suggestion at Logistics@fantasyalivelrp.com.

We do ask for your patience and respect while we continue to build up this monster task. This has been no easy feat and a huge amount of work has gone into it already. So keep your comments/suggestions constructive and helpful. This is a work-in-progress and will be until we can all call it perfect!

How do I do <THING> on the Database?

Go play with it and find out!

Or if you’d prefer to see someone else do it first, we have some Tutorial Videos available on our YouTube channel. <LINK>

I found a bug/problem with the Database. Can I report it?

Please do! We want to fix things so anything wrong please report to Logistics@fantasyalivelrp.com

I see something wrong with my character. How do I get it fixed?

Send us an email at Logistics@fantasyalivelrp.com with the details and we’ll fix it up ASAP!

There’s something I want to do with my character that isn’t available on the website. How do I log that?

For anything not setup to do on the system yet, we have a catch all “Misc Action” section. There you can type in a quick description of what it is you want to do. When entering information in there, please include any tags, coin, downtime or anything else that might affect your log so we can process it properly.

You can see how it works on this YouTube tutorial video. <LINK>

Really want that aspect put into the Database? Feel free to send an email to Logistics@fantasyalivelrp.com with your suggestion and we’ll see what we can do to get that up and running for you!

I have a question not covered here. What do I do?

For anything else, email Logistics@fantasyalivelrp.com with whatever it is and we’ll try to help you out as soon as possible!

Posted by Ian Patterson