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Womb Children
Followers of Apenca

“The first child of Atha and Beldon, the lady Apenca looked upon of her mother and cried. For while the earth was lush, green and beautiful beyond measure, it was at the same time static and sterile. Nothing stirred, save the waves crashing against the shores. It was then that Apenca, the Life Mother, opened her soul to the world and life streamed forth.” Foundations 2:13

Often called the Breath Giver, Life Mother, and Great Matron, Apenca created all life. She is the most widely and openly worshiped of all the gods. All races pay homage to her temples, which are known as safe havens everywhere. While her followers are predominantly female, no one is ever turned away. Believing all life is sacred, Apenca’s followers are true pacifists, knowing violence is naught but a disease. Temples of the Life Mother can be found in nearly every town; even small rural villages will have some form of chapel erected for the sick and weak to ask for the lady’s grace. The priestesses of Apenca will rarely if ever deny healing to those in need and are known on occasion to even aid the darker races that threaten to inhabit the lands. Their temples are invariably run by the highestranking female in attendance.

Apenca’s symbols include babies and children of all kinds, as well as mother figures, often with breasts bared, possibly nursing 1 or more children.

Principle Holiday: March 21st – Spring’s Birth
Devotion – Healing/tending to wounds
Spell incants are prefixed by “With love of life”
At Will spells: 6th – Lend Health, 9th – Resurrect
Shared Domains: Arkady, Alejandero
Opposed Domain: Stasa

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