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The Divine Mages
The Followers of Sasha

Known as the Mage Maid or Unlocker of Secrets, the lady Sasha opened her arms and sent magic forth into the world. Often confused for mages, the followers of Sasha worship magic in its rawest of forms. While they often consort with arcane casters, the followers of Sasha are disdainful of the way their counterparts obtain their power, believing that spell casting is a privilege granted by the goddess, and not to be torn from its resting places through research and study.

Often found serving the courts of the nobility and wealthier merchants, Sasha’s followers are prized for their abilities of enchantment. When not in private employ, divine mages often spend their time exploring the corners of the earth, seeking out the areas where magical energies are the strongest.

The symbols of Sasha are an open book, a prism or crystal, and a rainbow.

Principle Holiday: May 27th – Twilight Festival
Devotion – Studying magical items or texts
Spell incants are prefixed by “With will and faith”
At Will spells: 6th – Detect Magic, 9th – Dispel
Shared Domains: Callis, Fiona
Opposed Domain: None

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