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The Spies of the Sky Queen
The Followers of Fiona

High God and one of Elieff’s children, Fiona’s story has never been a happy one. Jealous of the love and eternal companionship between her siblings Atha and Beldon, the earth and the sea, she has circled them, lonely and bitter. Fiona, the Sky Queen or Night Beacon, as she is sometimes called, has always been the object of attention from each of her brothers Callis and Clovis, yet the Jealous Sister could not tear her gaze from Beldon, her true desire.

Akin to diviners, followers of Fiona make it their business to know ever secret and every shadow. Like their lady the moon, the all-seeing eye, they sit silently and watch the earth. Often hired as spies or seekers, formal temples of Fiona do not exist, however it is said that all clerics of the Sky Queen form a secret underground society, holding clandestine meetings to share their knowledge. It is rumoured that somewhere lies a great library where all the collected secrets of the lands are kept. Even the greatest of kings dares not offend the believers of Fiona.

The symbols of Fiona include the moon in its various forms and an all-seeing eye.

Principle Holiday: Blue Moon – Second Rising
Devotion – Appraising or divining
Spell incants are prefixed by “In search of knowledge”
At Will spells: 6th – Arcane Lore, 9th – Detect Enemies
Shared Domains: Alwyn, Balaxa
Opposed Domain: Kell

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