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The Brethren of the Sword
The Followers of Hemulis

The son of Brack and a mortal woman, Hemulis was raised with his fate and duty laid before him. Born at the dawn of the Age of Legends, Hemulis spent the first part of his life in the realm of man. A soldier, he believed in honour, steel, and little else. Hemulis traveled the earth, mastering one heroic quest after another. The greatest of his exploits are recorded in the oft- read 24 Deeds of Hemulis.

The patron of soldiers and warriors everywhere, Hemulis is worshiped openly in nearly every city large enough to support a militia. The temples of Hemulis follow a strict hierarchy of leadership, with each templar controlling those of lesser rank. Ranks are awarded based on experience and deeds of valour. Disobedience is dealt with quickly and efficiently.

The symbols of Hemulis include the sword, a fist and the helm.

Principle Holiday: September 18th – Day of the Blade
Devotion – Sparring or training
Spell incants are prefixed by “With steel and blood”
At Will spells: 6th – Empower, 9th – Strength
Shared Domains: Brack, Marius
Opposed Domain: None

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