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The Frozen Ones
The Followers of Balaxa

The daughter of Fiona and Beldon, the goddess Balaxa grew bitter as her father left Fiona to return to Atha’s embrace. Jealous of the relationship between Beldon and her brother Alwyn, her rage grew. With the malice of a woman scorned Balaxa blew across the earth and sea, freezing all she passed with her icy stare. Known as the Ice Queen or the Lost Daughter, Balaxa, goddess of winter, turns her rage upon the sea and earth each year.

The followers of Balaxa tend to be fiercely passionate individuals, prone to rage, jealousy and bitter grudges. Currying the goddess favour, they beseech calm winters for warmers and sailors while directing Balaxa’s wrath on their enemies. Temples are found mainly in the northernmost regions in the land, where winter’s bite is deepest. Ruled by the cleric in the greatest graces of the goddess, their bitter nature makes upheavals within the church common and devastating events.

The symbols of Balaxa are an icicle, snowflakes, and a dagger made of ice or glass.

Principle Holiday: December 23rd – Frost’s Sacrifice
Devotion – Writing in a journal
Spell incants are prefixed by “With frozen resolve”
At Will spells: 6th – Frost Dart, 9th – Protection from Frost
Shared Domains: Alwyn, Kell
Opposed Domain: Callis

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