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The Harvesters
The Followers of Jerroh

“Jerroh looked out upon the earth and wept. Apenca’s creatures great and small thrived and multiplied until every surface of the land and sea was choked with their presence. With somber resolve Jerroh strode across the land and began the harvest. With sickle and scythe, he collected the old, the weak, and the sick, carefully escorting each spirit to the world beyond the void.”

Twins 4:1

Jerroh and Stasa are the twin children of Atha and Beldon. Known as the Death Guide or Spirit Escort, Jerroh has a following in nearly every civilized establishment. Despite being the god of death, Jerroh is seldom feared, gently taking only those whose time has come. The followers of Jerroh often take residence as the caretakers of graveyards and catacombs, assisting the spirits of the dead find their way across the void and protecting the land from the spirits that have gone astray.

The symbols of Jerroh are a tombstone, coffin, and mysterious cloaked figure.

Principle Holiday: January 1st – Year’s End
Devotion – Maintaining a graveyard
Spell incants are prefixed by “With deaths embrace”
At Will spells: 6th – Detect Undead, 9th – Rebuke Undead
Shared Domains: Clovis, Apenca
Opposed Domain: Stasa

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