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The Storm Walkers
The Disciples of Alwyn

Son of the moon and sea, Alwyn the god of weather has many names: Storm Bringer, Thunder God, Skywalker. Revered by the farmers and sailors that depend on his fickle moods, temples to Alwyn can be found in nearly every farming and portside village. Calm and gentle one moment and filled with unimaginable wrath the next, Alwyn is difficult to predict. His followers seem to follow suit; they are generally serene yet passionate people capable of uncontrollable tantrums when angered. The importance of Alwyn’s temples to the common folk and the subsequent tithes that they bring in has managed to form this group of chaotic souls into a somewhat organized hierarchy.

Their temples rarely interact formally with each other; they exist largely as gathering points for collecting tithes and meetings of the clergy, most of whom work independently. A temple will always be run by most powerful member in residence, who will handle all temple administration as well as the distribution of the sect’s funds. This policy has been known to cause great power struggles within the church. Alwyn’s faithful are respected on the battlefield for their ability to turn the tide of a battle as well as the force of a storm, the neighboring countryside often bearing the scars of these conflicts.

The symbols of Alwyn include a bolt of lightning, the clouds, and a whirlwind.

Principle Holiday: April 23rd – Alwyn’s Thunder
Devotion – Performing a rain dance
Spell incants are prefixed by “With wind and rain”
At Will spells: 6th – Spark, 9th – Wind Message
Shared Domains: Beldon, Callis
Opposed Domain: Atha

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