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The Curtain Guards
The Followers of Clovis

“Enamored he was of his sister Fiona, but Clovis could not compete with her insane jealousy over Beldon, nor the radiant light his brother Callis shone upon her. So, to gain her attentions Clovis drew his blade, a sabre long and sleek, and cut the holes in the curtain between this realm and the void beyond. Through the holes light flared, like a thousand burning candles suspended in the night sky. Thus, the stars were formed, to light Fiona’s way whenever the sun was not near.”

Foundations 3:1

“The mistake was realized too late, for through the weakened curtain all manner of horrors appeared. Clovis left the side of Fiona and bore his new duty, to heal the damage he’d done and guard this realm from the terror he unleashed from beyond.” Foundations 3:6

The great god Clovis goes by many names: The Night Father, Curtain Breaker, Candle Bearer, and Great Protector. Sworn to protect the realm from the demonic creations beyond the void, his followers are often warriors and knights. A strict hierarchy of command is kept within his temples, which keep a careful vigil over the land, crusading against any creature that breaches the curtain.

The symbols of Clovis are a star or stars, a ray of energy rebounding from a shield and a barred doorway.

Principle Holiday: November 5th – Curtain’s Watch
Devotion – Stargazing
Spell incants are prefixed by “In defense of all”
At Will spells: 6th – Holy Dart, 9th – Detect Infernal
Shared Domains: Jerroh, Brack
Opposed Domain: Kazzok

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