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A general description of the Fae, how they came to be, and how they function as a source of common knowledge of them.

Existence Of Fae

Fae are magical beings that either came into existence because they were first created by the gods, or because they themselves were preordained to exist. The Fae themselves claim they have nothing to do with the gods and often work to counter or convert followers of gods. How Fae come into being is a matter of speculation. No known methods of creating a next generation have been substantiated.

Fae Variations

Fae are as complex as any people, notably with Courts related to the seasons. The Summer Court and Winter Court are the two most well known, with sightings of Fae from those Courts in the Mortal Realm from the corresponding seasons.

Fae And The Mortal Realm

Dealings with Fae are uncommon but not unheard of. Their interactions with mortals entirely depends on the Fae at hand and the Court they are a part of, if any. As potentially detrimental as rewarding, Fae dealings are almost solely done verbally.

Mushrooms also have a relation to Fae in summoning them, though how and when are widely unknown, and not all planes have mushrooms. Other applications of mushrooms in relation to Fae are unknown.

Authored by: Jared Hindle
Fantasy Alive Lore Team 2021
Copyright © Endless Adventures Ontario

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