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The Eternal Lovers The Order of Alejandero Alejandero is an inspiration to lovers everywhere, and any who have been touched by love mutter a silent thanks to the Poet King. Followers of Alejandero are diverse both in their heritage as well as their philosophy of worship. The prominent ideology of Alejandro’s church discusses love as divided into seven aspects: romantic love, friendship, playful and flirtatious love, familial love, love of self, enduring love, and empathetic love for all.

While many of Alejandro’s clergy preach love in all its forms, some choose to specialize in a particular aspect. For instance, some will focus on friendship and cultivate and support a close-knit group of friends. Others preach self-love and often form close ties with the church of Arkady. It is not uncommon to find a disciple dedicated to goodwill and community leading by example and taking charge of large groups of people in political and community building endeavours. When a group of Alejandero’s disciples gather, their meetings often appear more as a gathering of artists and dreamers than any form of organized religion, and how each group selects their leaders varies as widely as the forms of love they dedicate themselves to.

The symbols of Alejandero include the heart, harp, and two people embracing. Occasionally a rose (likening to Arkady’s symbol) with a single drop of blood hanging from a thorn is used, often by those suffering painful moments of love, and are known to cease using it when ready to move on.

Principle Holiday: February 14th – Lover’s Dance Festival
Devotion – Writing/reciting poetry
Spell incants are prefixed by “In love’s name”
At Will spells: 6th – Bravery, 9th – Charm
Shared Domains: Apenca, Arkady
Opposed Domain: Iccula

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