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This document serves as a summary of a general understanding of dragons in the world, and how they scale to the gods, along with their interactions with mortals.

Existence Of Dragons

Dragons are either as old as the mortal plane, or nearly as old as Fae, no one knows for certain. Nevertheless they are amongst the oldest known beings on Ariel, renowned for their ability to fly, size, and raw, innate power. The sheer strength and powerful nature of dragons may explain the lengthy and resilient incubation time required for dragon eggs to hatch their children, the shell of the egg similar to the scales of the dragons themselves.

Dragon Variations

There are varying types of dragons, usually denoted by the colouration of their scales. Being innately magical creatures causes each dragon to be imbued with a particular element with a much wider variety than the typical four: air, earth, fire and water. Some common dragons seen are: Red Fire Dragons, Green Poison Dragons, White Ice Dragons, and Blue Lightning Dragons. Scale colouration will not always indicate the exact element a dragon is imbued with, though it does help with a quick approximation. Though there is a Dragon-god, Strega, who rose to power by consuming the entity of a god, there have never been reports of a dragon being imbued with either light or dark divine magic.

Dragon Cults

Dragons are territorial and solitary in their nature, normally keeping to themselves. Older and therefore more powerful dragons are known to accumulate large followings to do their bidding and secure their territory, though younger dragons do likewise to a much lesser extent. These followers act much in the same way followers of gods do, notably without clerics. Dragons are weaker in power than gods, but little else equals the power of the most ancient of their kind.

Authored by: Jared Hindle
Fantasy Alive Lore Team 2021
Copyright © Endless Adventures Ontario

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