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Village of Yorik

A largely farming community with a central village, and a booming mine industry, Yorik is known to many as a place of mystery and danger. Many Yeomen may be found in Yorik, though it has an unusually high concentration of supernatural activities, and resides atop an ancient city that is cut off from the surface and fraught with danger. Its closest neighbour is the town of Stelton. The most recent settling of Yorik is due to a mine opening in the early 2000’s A.T., which gave way to the initial immigration of peasants and Yeomen alike to the area. The draw which continues to pull people toward the area, and keep them there, is an enigma yet to be solved.

Ruling House of Yorik
House Name: Hayden
House Leader: Lord Donovan Hayden
House Colours: Orange and Gold
House Heraldry: Black Rook and Black Fish in opposing quadrants
House Motto: Strong Deeds, Gentle Words.

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