Village of Yorik A largely farming community with a central village, and a booming mine industry, Yorik is known to many as a place of mystery and danger. Many Yeomen may be found in Yorik, though it has an unusually high concentration of supernatural activities, and resides atop an ancient city that is cut off […]

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Town of Stelton: House BellantinoA town situated as a major node for travelers heading west or south in the Kingdom, trade is its major value. However, Stelton remains well-known for the large library that is constructed there, and is a boon to all researchers from far and wide. It is also home to a well-known […]

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City of Hoggsport: House Haro The capital of the Kingdom of Harodom, and the seat of power for the Monarch, Hoggsport is a port city that sits on what is commonly referred to as ‘the Crown’s Core’ within the city limits, otherwise known as Lake Haro. Recently suffering vast amounts of damage from the Eldersire […]

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Kingdom of Harodom

Introduction The kingdom in which the Toronto chapter of Fantasy alive takes place, Harodom has a large impact on the game. Taking place in the town of Yorik, the players in FA TO are subject to the laws of Harodom and the rules of the Duchy of Gelrich. The Kingdom is ruled by King Francis […]

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