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Goblins (blurb)

“Stop looking at me like that, this’ll work! …and if it doesn’t, the resulting confusion will be a great distraction and then we just stab ‘em in the back. Either way, job done, right?” – Gibrock the Singed, goblin General


Goblins, identifiable by their green skin and pointed ears, are typically seen by other races as buffoonish. However, though it tends to manifest in unconventional ways, goblins are possessed of an interesting cunning and industrious nature. To those unfamiliar with their ways, their ideas can seem silly sometimes to the point of becoming dangerous. While this may be true on the surface, they are often no less effective. Goblins are often happy to play into this image letting people think them foolish and continue to underestimate them.

Goblins are a spiritually resilient race. Their spirits hold up to resurrections better than any other of the peoples in Ariel. They are also naturally agile, born with the ability to get out of the way of threats. These factors may have played a heavy role in the development of their penchant for risk taking. That said, they are not physically gifted people and when faced with the perils of combat, many lean on their natural talent for throwing weapons or sussing out an enemy’s weak spot from behind.

Perhaps the most curious element to goblin physiology is their complete lack of the ability to master the arts of magery. This deficiency is different to the difficulties other races have in learning to work arcane magics in that, regardless of the effort, their bodies are simply unable to conjure magical energy into a usable form. Spiritual energy and clerical workings are not affected by this trait. This unique facet has been the subject of much speculation and folklore. The stories range from them not coming from the same gods as the other races to it being the result of divine punishment, though no one is certain of the explanation.

Racial Bonuses

  • Begin with 10 Skill Points (SP)
  • Begin with 4 Life Points (LP)
  • Begin with 3 Resurrections
  • Begin with the Dodge skill
  • May purchase LP to a maximum of 8 LP
  • May purchase both the Thrown Weapon skill for half cost (rounded up)
  • May purchase the Backstab skill for half cost (rounded up)
  • Unable to purchase Magery skill
  • Unable to purchase the Physical Prowess skill

Mandatory Costuming

  • Green Skin (makeup or prosthetics should cover exposed skin)
  • Pointed ears (elf-like)

Racial Aging

YouthElderlyAgingMax. Age
14 years30 years5 years70 years

Youth: This is the minimum starting age for a given race. This is also the minimum age that can be achieved through rejuvenating spells.

Elderly: This is the age when the effects of time begin to take their toll and benchmarks aging negatives for a character, eventually affecting their Life Points.

Aging: Upon reaching the age indicated in the “Elderly” column, a character’s maximum LP decreases 1 Life Point for every increment of years indicated in the “Aging” column. For example, if the racial maximum LP for a goblin is 8 LP, a 42-year-old goblin character would have a maximum Life Points of 6. (A 42-year-old Goblin is 12 years over “Elderly” and, marking two increments of aging at 5 years each, reducing that characters’ Life Points by 2.)

Maximum Age: Upon reaching the age indicated in “Max. Age” the character is deceased and may not resurrect.

Nations and Lands

  • Sorr Bukra
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