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The Shadow Stalkers
The Followers of Kell

“With immortal cunning the darkness gathers. Cloaking the world in uncertainty, it conceals both friend and foe, growing thicker, until all that is known are the far-off whispers of men afeared.”

Unknown Author

Little is known about the god Kell, son of Fiona and Clovis. Mystery seems to pool about the Prince of Night much like the darkness he represents. Known as the Eyeblighter and the Bringer of Darkness, Kell is said to be behind every clandestine meeting and secret society. While it is assumed that followers of Kell must exist, there has never been any evidence of their existence.

The symbols of Kell include obsidian, jet, a lantern, and torch.

Principle Holiday: Winter Solstice – Kell’s Embrace
Devotion – Hiding from everyone
Spell incants are prefixed by “In the cloak of night”
At Will spells: 6th – Bladeturn, 9th – Blindness
Shared Domains: Astrid, Balaxa
Opposed Domain: Fiona

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