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The Sun Servants
The Followers of Callis

“With fiery passion they flock to the flame and the sun beats down upon the earth, scorching the wicked, and warming the pure.”

Unknown Author

High God and one of Elieff’s children, Callis, often called Lord of Light, the Sun’s Grace or the Flame Bringer, shines down upon the lands, casting his light to warm us. Acknowledged by all, the god Callis is particularly revered by the Dwarves, who believe the Callis’ very own fire burns within their forges, lending divine direction to their works.

Temples to Callis appear across the landscape, generally attended by small groups of followers, unified by their beliefs. Not given to control, these shrines often work as a gathering of equals as opposed to having any true leadership. Often found as protectors, the followers can be quick to anger, their tempers burning even hotter than the flame they adore.

The symbols of Callis are the sun or an open hand holding a flame.

Principle Holiday: Summer Solstice – Sun Shower
Devotion – Forging or tending a fire
Spell incants are prefixed by “With flame and fury”
At Will spells: 6th – Flame Blade, 9th – Protection from Fire
Shared Domains: Atha, Alwyn
Opposed Domain: Beldon

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