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The Jesters of Chaos
The Sect of Anajaream

Very little is known about Anajaream, perhaps because there is very little too know. Created by Elieff as one of the High Gods, Anajaream quickly disappeared into the void, only to appear briefly at crucial moments. He is known as the essence of chaos or chance. When impossible tragedies or miracles appear, it is he who is responsible. Often called the Luck Monger, Bastard of Fate or, by some, Elieff’s One Joke, Anajaream seems to show even less concern for the affairs of man than the rest of the already aloof High Gods. He is often called upon by gamblers, lunatics and fools, but seldom worshiped in any consistent form.

No real church of Anajaream exists, nor would any of his few dedicated followers be willing to submit to such a foundation or hierarchy. With no true acknowledgement of either good or evil, nomads and prophets believing in no power but luck and fate are the core of Anajaream’s flock.

The symbols of Anajaream include rolling dice, playing cards, and the jester, and are often prominently displayed wherever wagers are taken.

Principle Holiday: April 1st – Fates
Devotion – Gambling
Spell incants are prefixed with “By way of chance”
At Will spells: 6th –Disarm, 9th – Berserk
Shared Domains: Elieff, Sasha
Opposed Domain: Brack

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