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The Vengeful Reapers
The Followers of Stasa

Once known as the Twisted Twin and believed to relish in the agony of early mortal death. Stasa has ascended to the deity of Endings. Stasa pushes forward a plan to end all things that spans thousands of years, and even the other deities fear that she will succeed.

Opposed by most, Stasa stands alone and strong. Her domain resides in what is left behind from those that pass before they are ready. Their grief, anger, and fear provide her with ever expanding power. Recent investigations have shown that undead, and other necromantic magics further empower the deity of the end of all things.

Followers of Stasa are divided following her recent ascension. Some believe in the old ways, promoting reckless murder and necromancy, while others have accepted that all things must end, finding comfort and a calling in endings in general. Regardless of the focus of their faith her faithful are expected to accept death when it comes for them and those who escape it may find Stasa’s wrath soon to follow.

The symbols of Stasa are a skeletal corpse, a body slain in a graphic or gruesome manner, or a babe hanging from the gallows.

Principle Holiday: Friday the 13th – Stasa’s Harvest
Devotion – Taxidermy/mummification or preparing a body for animation
Spell incants are prefixed by “Heeding death’s call”
At Will spells: 6th – Repulse, 9th – Paralyze
Shared Domains: None
Opposed Domain: Elieff

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