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The Stone Ones
The Followers of Atha

The Great Mother or Earth Mother, as the lady Atha is sometimes called, is one of the first of Elieff’s children. Her domain encompasses the very earth itself and every plant that springs forth from it. Every farming community will invariably contain one or more shrines to the goddess Atha, as the workers of the land pay homage and beg for a bountiful year. The teachings of Atha are greatly respected, all life’s existence dependant on her in one fashion or another.

The followers of Atha revere the land upon which they walk, tending the soil and forests. While generally passive, they have been known to strike with intense ferocity to protect their lady Atha and are said to be able to bring the very rock to life in their defense. This, in addition to their healing skills, makes them valuable members of any society. Temples of Atha communicate constantly and work together to ensure success of their goals, each temple run by the most skilled of their order in residence.

The symbols of Atha are a mountain range or peak, a fern, and oak.

Principle Holiday: June 12th – Mother’s Blessing
Devotion – Tending a garden
Spell incants are prefixed by “With earthen patience”
At Will spells: 6th – Thorn Staff, 9th – Mystic Leather
Shared Domains: Callis, Beldon
Opposed Domain: Alwyn

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