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The Order
The Followers of Brack

The only of the lesser gods to have divine Children of his own, Brack is the steadfast god of law and order. His temples often intertwine with the quarters of guards, soldiers and watchmen everywhere. Followers of Brack follow a strict hierarchy of status within the church, each rank controlling those of the ranks beneath them. Unwavering in their belief in law and order, the followers of Brack bring punishment swiftly to those who fail to adhere.

The symbols of Brack are the gavel, the scale and an arrow.

Principle Holiday: May 9th – Order’s March
Devotion – Partaking in a trial
Spell incants are prefixed by “In the name of the law”
At Will spells: 6th – Aid, 9th – Aura of Resistance
Shared Domains: Clovis, Fiona
Opposed Domain: Anajaream

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