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The Unseen Hand
The Followers of Astrid

Son of Brack and Balaxa, Astrid lived much of his early life in the realms of man, where he became the notorious ruler of an underground organization of thieves. Most thieves whisper his name to this day when attempting a particularly difficult or impressive act. Followers of Astrid truly believe that they perform a valuable service to society by teaching people to better defend their possessions.

Temples of Astrid often serve as fences and safe houses for the local rogue population. Because of this fact their headquarters are often well hidden and guarded from local authorities. Typically, the most respected of their members is agreed upon as the ruler of their organization or guild. While it is said there is honour amongst thieves, displeasing the local guild master can have swift and often lethal repercussions.

The symbols of Astrid are a key, a purse, a sack/chest of gold, and a set of lock-picks.

Principle Holiday: July 10th – Hand’s Day
Devotion – Making traps or locks
Spell incants are prefixed by “While you sleep”
At Will spells: 6th – Open Portal, 9th – Open Greater Lock
Shared Domains: Kell, Marius
Opposed Domain: Brack

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