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The Wave Riders
The Followers of Beldon

One of Elieff’s children, the High God Beldon rules the seas. Bound to Atha, the earth, he controls water in every form. Portside villages are assured to contain at least one temple paying homage to Beldon, called the Sea Father or Prince of Tides. Flowing as his mood suits him, Beldon is neither definitively good nor evil. His followers learning to control water’s powers of life as well as its powers of destruction. It is said in times of great evil Beldon’s waters flood the lands, washing them clean of taint.

Frequently hired on by merchants and sea captains, the followers of Beldon often spend more time traveling than attending temples. They do however have several shrines in order to gather tithes from the populace in return for Beldon’s favour. Run by the most advanced of the Sea King’s disciples, these temples serve as a gathering point for traveling templar, to refresh themselves before their next journey.

The symbols of Beldon are a breaking wave, a water drop, and a school of fish.

Principle Holiday: March 3rd – Festival of Sails
Devotion – Fishing Spell incants are prefixed by “With water’s might”
At Will spells: 6th – Purify, 9th – Remove Poison
Shared Domains: Atha, Alwyn
Opposed Domain: Callis

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