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The Terror Bringers
The Followers of Kazzok

“… And with a scream that echoed across time itself he fell upon his knees. Rage filled him and evil and terror burst forth from him. For his grief he vowed to ravish the lands and minds of those upon it. Reaching to the sky’s starry curtain he brought forth every imaginable terror.”

The Book of Elves 12:3

Perhaps one of the most feared of all the deities, Kazzok, god of nightmares and terror, is known by many names: Evil’s Gift, Screambringer, and Elf Slayer. Son of Fiona and Anajaream, it is said that Kazzok turned to the terrors beyond the curtain when his love was slain. Followers of Kazzok are often sadists and madmen, gaining pleasure from exposing the world to the worst of the void’s terrors. Temples of Kazzok are rare, as worship of the Screambringer is illegal in nearly all lands. When followers of Kazzok gather it is often whoever can inspire the most fear and power who wrests control of the group.

The symbols of Kazzok are a face locked in a scream, a hand reaching up through the ground, and all manner of demonic creatures.

Principle Holiday: October 31st – Terror’s Breach
Devotion – Creating frightening images or masks
Spell incants are prefixed by “From beyond the curtain”
At Will spells: 6th – Unholy Dart, 9th – Fear
Shared Domains: Stasa
Opposed Domain: Clovis

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