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The Dreamers
The Followers of Bard

“And under the skies strode forth the storyteller, and she wore a thousand faces. Everywhere that she went, she told the tales of heroes and villains, of the divine and the infernal, of the world that was seen, and that which was beyond seeing. And as she strode forth, telling these tales, the world that Elieff had made seemed somehow more real, for that which had once been abstract was now relatable, for Bard knew that it was through stories that the world was understood.

“What she could not know however was that her words that made the divine seem more relatable were binding the deities to their fates – that the tales that she told, even of those great powers, were forming beliefs that such beings began to conform to. And so, the gods came to Bard, and put her to sleep, to dream for all of time.

“But there is no dream so deep that the dreamer will not someday awake…”

-Source Unknown

The child of Fiona and Anajaream, Bard’s tales were the foundations of many of the stories now told of the gods. Awoken from her eternal slumber by the people of Yorik, she has remained the god of dreams, and now protects dreamers and storytellers alike, although her faith is not widespread due to her legends being stricken from the world.

The symbols of Bard are a horse’s head (such as a chess piece), a closed book and quill, an owl, or a hearth.

Principle Holiday: October 6 – Dreamers
Wake Devotion – Telling stories
Spell incants are prefixed with: “In tales and dreams”
At Will spells: 6th – Translate, 9th – Sleep
Shared Domains: Kell, Fiona
Opposed Domains: Kazzok

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