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The Candle Watchers
The Followers of Elieff

“At first there was nothing. Just the void, dark, empty, eternal. Time slipped ever forward for ages beyond the imagination of man. Until time itself, Elieff, Grandfather of the Gods, reached into the void and crafted six forms; His children, the High Gods.
The sisters: Fiona, the lonely moon, and Atha, mother of earth, circling each other forever. Their brothers: Beldon, master of the seas and lord of water, Callis, the sun that shone upon them all, keeper of flame, and Clovis, who was to be keeper of the skies and guard, ever vigil of the void beyond. Finally, the sixth, the final child, Elieff’s one mistake, or perhaps his own subtle joke: Anajaream, god of chance and chaos, ruler of what might be, keeper of all that might go astray.
And so, existence came to be. With that awesome creating Elieff retreated again to the depths of the void, watching, waiting silently for the rest of time.”

Foundations 1:1

Father of the gods, ruler of time, Elieff seldom takes an interest in the affairs of man. Constant and inevitable, time slowly keeps moving onward. The dedicated followers of Elieff are few. Masters of the tide of time, they often ignore the current events of society and politics, caring instead only for the progress of their understanding. Most of Elieff’s clergy are advanced in years; often one only grows concerned with time when one is running out of it. The temples of Elieff, what few there are, tend to be quiet bastions of learning and study. His clerics are ranked in the order of their years, not necessarily in the breadth of their training, for time is a greater teacher of wisdom than any book.

The symbols of Elieff include a melting candle, an hourglass, and a sundial.

Principle Holiday: February 29th – Times Paradox
Devotion – Watching an hourglass
Spell incants are prefixed by “With time’s patience”
At Will spells: 6th – Death’s Delving, 9th – Barrier
Shared Domains: None
Opposed Domains: Anajaream, Atha, Beldon, Fiona, Callis, Clovis

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