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The Pantheon

This document will be a summary of the FA Pantheon, how they interact with the world, and how they function altogether.


First among the gods, Elieff emerged from the veil precisely when they were meant to; only they know when or if they will return to it. With their far reaching divinity they used their mastery of light and dark power to craft the High Gods from the very fabric of the Veil, first of their children and heirs to their throne. The gods created are complicated, harnessing both light and darkness within them as a result. Thus began the true formation of the pantheon.


The High Gods gave way to the creation of many planes, primarily of their own domains with their own inhabitants. Gods naturally create and so, over time, this leads to the creation of new gods; equal in power to the High Gods but once removed from Elieff and the throne. Their status in the pantheon remains below that of Elieff but above the rest.

The High Gods are Anajaream, Atha, Beldon, Fiona, Callis, and Clovis.


Gods come into being when two or more gods combine and manipulate their divine power to bring another into existence. These gods each have their own domain, separate but related to their parental lineage. No god other than Elieff is capable of bringing forth a new god into being of their own accord.

The Gods are Apenca, Alejandero, Alwyn, Arkady, Balaxa, Bard, Blythe, Iccula, Jerroh, Kazzok, Kell, Sasha, Stasa, and Strega.


Mortal Gods are a result of any god that chooses to create a child with a mortal, and resulting in a demigod being born. Few demigods that have found and harnessed their own domains so wholly that they ascend to godhood and join the Pantheon. Though less powerful than a full god, Mortal Gods are masters of their own domains and only differ from the gods in that their mortal blood sets them apart in a way unique to each.

The Mortal Gods, also sometimes called Patrons, are Astrid, Brack, Hemulis, and Marius.

The Church of All Gods

The Church of All Gods in the Herodom town of Yorik famously acknowledges all of the gods and their place in the pantheon. While those gods whos worship is illegal are still present, their status as banned is represented by black banners where their legal counterparts are white. This church also recognizes gods, or godlike beings, who cannot truly be worshiped, at least not by most people.

The Child, the Outcast, and the Guardian

Averill is the goddess of children and childhood, and only grants patronage as a cleric to children. Believed to be dead for many years she has resurfaced in the last decade and offers support and guidance to children.

The Marowit is more demon than god. The child of Kazzok and a mortal woman Kuroga, the Marowit is a being of fear thought to be currently trapped between the planes and sealed away.

The Guardian is a godlike being created from a fragment of divine essence from most of the pantheon, created during a time when the gods themselves were in danger. A few of his champions still roam the land, offering aid where they can, but many believe the god now sleeps and devotion to him is met with silence.


Authored by: Jared Hindle and Shoshana Watson
Fantasy Alive Lore Team 2023
Copyright © Endless Adventures Ontario

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