“The next person who calls me a cow will die much slower than that man.” - Marthoon the Black

Though the mere mention of it seems to infuriate them, physically Minotaur appear as a cross between a humanoid and a bull, with coarse fur and pair of bovine horns.  Although their large calloused hands are not suited to delicate tasks, Minotaur are incredibly strong and hardy, making them feared warriors on the battlefield and often sought out as labourers.  Though their temperament may vary somewhat between kindreds, Minotaur are not generally known for their great patience and can be quick to react with aggression if provoked.

Minotaur are organized into kindreds, large tribal groupings that form their own distinct societies.  There are eight major Minotaur kindreds on the continent, along with numerous minor kindreds.   Extended families that share a common set of traditions and values, Minotaur society is largely based upon one’s place in these kindreds.  Though none of the major kindreds claim territory with the established borders of separate nations, some minor kindreds have been known to live on such lands as migratory bands and lone Minotaur can often be found throughout their wilderness and settlements.


  • Begin with 10 Skill Points (SP)
  • Begin with 8 Life Points (LP)
  • Begin with 2 Resurrections
  • Begin with the Physical Prowess skill
  • May purchase LP to a maximum of 20 LP
  • May purchase the Exceptional Strength skill twice
  • May purchase their first Exceptional Strength skill for half cost
  • Pay 1 less Skill Point for the Labourer skill (to minimum of 1 SP)
  • Must pay an additional 2 Skill Points for all other Trade Skills
  • Must pay double Skill Points for the Magical Energy skill
  • Must pay double Skill Points for the Spiritual Energy skill 


  • Pair of bovine horns (if lost in-game, stubs must be represented)
  • Fur (makeup or prosthetics should cover exposed skin)
  • Solid, singularly black or brown make-up is not permitted

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