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What People are Saying:

Fantastic community

We had popped by for the day during the faire and were impressed to try out a full weekend – and wow. What a wonderful, warm, welcoming community. The costuming, food and amenities, RP, people in general…what a fantastic community!


Did not disappoint

Fantasy Alive has an amazing reputation and I was absolutely not disappointed! The plots were thick, the characters were interesting and active, and the Green Faire was an absolute blast!


Hesitant to try larping

This was the best weekend ever, thanks everyone for including me and my group in your awesome shenanigans, thanks plot for making awesome engaging stories. As someone who was hesitant to try larping I couldn’t have been more wrong and I plan on coming back as often as I can


Wonderful people

Best LARP weekend ever. You are all such welcoming and wonderful people.


Counting days

It’s been a long time since I’ve fully jumped into something that has me counting the days till I can do it again and once again I thank all of you for that


Sad its over

First time Larp for me this past weekend and I’m SO sad its OVER! this was amazing!


First Event Amazing

Thank you to the NPCs and PCs for making my first event amazing.


Meeting IG and OOG

Getting to meet and interact with so many new, wonderful people both IG and OOG was was amazing.


Shoutout to Plot and Cast

Shoutouts to the plot team and cast for making this an exciting weekend. As a new player it was amazing to see the effort and energy put into making the game enjoyable for everyone, regardless of the poor weather conditions. You rock.


Can’t Wait For Summer

If LARP is this fun in the winter I can’t wait for summer.


Felt very welcome

You guys are awesome and worked so hard on this event and for that, I thank you, and to all of the PC’s it was so awesome to meet all of you! All of you had your own unique stories and as a mostly new player, I felt very welcomed!


Event Review

I had so much fun, I can’t wait till the weather is nicer so my camp has people in it.

Can’t wait till next event.

Adam F.


I love the heart/dedication everyone puts into their characters and costumes to make the experience so immersive. Great job to you all.


Kind and Welcoming

Everyone was kind and welcoming to the new guy in town that I’ll be definitely be rejoining y’all in Yorik.


Taught to play

It was such a fun first event and ever time LARPing! Thanks to everybody who taught me how to play. It was really fun playing ghoulies and creatures.


Sharing Stories

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! It was a pleasure sharing in all your stories and I hope to be back again real soon.


Over perform

I’d heard of Larp before and knew kind of what to expect but oh boy do you people over perform.


Memorable and amazing

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at Fantasy Alive for making my first event exciting, memorable and amazing. This is was, by a huge margin, the best LARP I’ve ever been to


Come out sooner

You are amazing!  Thank you for everything and I appreciate the openness to feedback.

My only regret is not having come out to FA sooner!


Love Hobby

I had an amazing time and definitly plan to come back. I understand now why people love this hobby so much