The fact that you are at this site proves that you are a true adventurer.
The risk you have just taken has not been in vain. You now hold the key
to the greatest adventure the world has yet to discover, LIVE role-playing.

No longer will you be deterred by dice, or inhibited by the whims of a
maniacal, (but not totally competent) GM. The script you are about to read,
the novel about to unfold, relies completely upon yourself. Whether you
are looking for the thrill of combat or the great opportunities for acting
and role-playing Fantasy Alive offers, you will not be disappointed.
Fantasy Alive lies in wait, docile, ready for you to come and write your own page in history.
Armed with sword and shield you will battle the foul denizens of the rough countryside.
Armed with your wits you will tackle the silver-tongued rogues who hide round every corner.
Armed with a love for fantasy you will encounter the greatest experience of your life.

If you are new to live role-playing or a veteran of several games, we would like to welcome you, and invite you to explore our site.
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