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What People Are Saying:

Come out sooner

You are amazing!  Thank you for everything and I appreciate the openness to feedback.

My only regret is not having come out to FA sooner!


Event Review

I had so much fun, I can’t wait till the weather is nicer so my camp has people in it.

Can’t wait till next event.

Adam F.

Can’t Wait For Summer

If LARP is this fun in the winter I can’t wait for summer.


Felt very welcome

You guys are awesome and worked so hard on this event and for that, I thank you, and to all of the PC’s it was so awesome to meet all of you! All of you had your own unique stories and as a mostly new player, I felt very welcomed!


First Event Amazing

Thank you to the NPCs and PCs for making my first event amazing.


Meeting IG and OOG

Getting to meet and interact with so many new, wonderful people both IG and OOG was was amazing.


Sharing Stories

Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! It was a pleasure sharing in all your stories and I hope to be back again real soon.


Shoutout to Plot and Cast

Shoutouts to the plot team and cast for making this an exciting weekend. As a new player it was amazing to see the effort and energy put into making the game enjoyable for everyone, regardless of the poor weather conditions. You rock.