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Puzzle Panic

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A stack of papers sit below one of the notice boards in the Green Pony. No one is sure where they came from or when they arrived, but they are regularly replenished when no one is looking. The Posting Reads:

Tired and Troubled? Join us for an experience in Escaping your woes. Free yourself from pain and profit for but a small time, and return richer for it. 


  1. No Magical Solutions.
  2. No Excessive Force.
  3. No Spoilers.
  4. Groups of up to Four

Note: This Adventure has a maximum group size of only four (4) people.  


Adventure Type

Plot: Sorin
Combat: None
Puzzle: Heavy
Role-Play: Light
Investigation: Medium
Stealth: None
Additional Tags: Escape Room, Monthly Version 

These are the last few things that need to be completed in order for your session to be a success!

1. Make sure you've taken a look at the Fantasy Alive and Dice Rule Book

2. Create your free Roll20 account!

3. Set up your Character Sheet on Roll20 - You can find the instructions in our Rule Book.

4. Complete the checkout to pay for your session to finalize the booking. 

Fantasy Alive will do our best to ensure you get your choice of sessions. If we are unable to accommodate your selections then we will be in touch to either book alternate sessions or refund your money.