Personalized Adventures! - January

Personalized Adventures! - January

500 Ogre Chips

We will be offering a small selection of Personalized FA&D Sessions! These are FA&D adventures where you pick the adventure! Choose a personal goal, pick a fun idea, or something you and your group would like to try! Once you've decided, our FA&D Plot Team will design an adventure just for you! 

To send this session, selection the month you would like and fill in the requested information.  The price, in Ogre Chips, will be displayed, and when you go through the checkout, there will be no charge.  We will deduct the number of Ogre Chips from your character sheet in our database. 

We will be offering 2 Personalized Sessions each for January, February and March.  The Season of Giving runs from December 1st to December 28th at 11pm.  Until December 14th at noon, any player may purchase only only of the Personalized Adventures to give to other players.  After that point, until the end of the Season of Giving, all adventures may be purchased freely.  

January Personalized Session: 500 OC

February Personalized Session: 250 OC

March Personalized Session: 100 OC