Auction Item! Healing Wand of Choosing

Auction Item! Healing Wand of Choosing

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This item is part of our Extra Life Fundraising event! You can read more about the great work they do on their site.  

 This is one of our special auction items! The bidding will be held on the Facebook page here.  If you would like to bid, you can either comment on the image, or send your bid by direct message to Fantasy Alive and we will post your bid anonymously.  

This is the Healing Wand of Choosing!  The Rep for this item is a mystery that will be unveiled once our events resume again and rep is presented to the winner.  The wands in the image are a few examples of what the wand may look like. 

The wand can be activated three times per 24 hours. When the wielder uses the wand on a target, the target heals 2 LP and also chooses one healing effect from this list:
- Cure Blindness
- Liquid Serenity
- Purify
- Remove Disease
- Remove Mute (Unique ability!)
- Remove Poison
- Remove Paralysis
- Restore Body
- Restore Limb
- Restore Strength

The target Player decides on the curing effect, so this can be used while the target Character is unconscious or otherwise unable to decide.

If the Wand is used in FA&D the character targeted by this item also gains 1 Favoured Die they may use for any one roll during the FA&D session they were affected by this item.

The starting bid for the Healing Wand of Choosing will be $40.00.