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Character Remort

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Remort Choice

This purchase allows for skills up to the specific amount of SP to be changed to new skills on a single character.

NOTE: Please consult the Remort, Retirement and Finishment Policy for our normal Remort methods: This purchase allows a remort of a character without needing to meet all of the requirements in that Policy.

The character who gets remorted in this way will have all memories they had before and will understand that this change has occurred. The IG reasoning of this change will be provided by a Director of Plot Team member on a case-by-case basis for each person purchasing this item.

Any skill equal or less than the specific amount may be changed to a new one with these exceptions:

  • No skill focus may change. (Cannot change Weapon Mastery <Spear> to Weapon Mastery <1h Sword>)
  • No skill can be purchased without meeting the normal prerequisites.
  • The Deity choice for Clerical Investment may not be changed. Even if all of the Clerical Investment levels are removed, the player must go through the CI Change procedure to buy new Clerical Investment levels in a new Diety.
  • A maximum of 3 SP may remain free after performing the remort from this purchase.
  • The remort requires Logistics and Director approval before it will be completed.

Remorts come in three options:

  • Small remort: up to 20 SP - $50
  • Medium remort: up to 150 SP - $150
  • Full remort: all SP on a character - $250

LIMIT: This may only be purchased up to a full remort once per character.