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Cabin (built / renovated)

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A cabin built or renovated to be used by the player for all games on that site. The cabin dimensions, layout and location may be requested by the player but are at the discretion of EAO. The cabin may be used by the player for all, and only during, the events the player attends. Purchase of this fundraiser item covers the use at events but not any additional costs such as heating or other services offered. The player is responsible for basic cleaning of the cabin following all events. Any misuse or damage to the cabin may be used by EAO to revoke all rights to the cabin with no refund. If the player goes Inactive, the cabin may be rented by EAO to other players. Once ever, the player may give their claim to the cabin to another player, who then follows the same rules except that they may not give their claim to another player. EAO will remove the claim of a player to a cabin after the player has not played on that site for 1 full year.

Usable for any Endless Adventures Ontario game in consultation with the Owners.

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