Rules and Guidelines for Plot emails

Rules and Guidelines for Plot emails.

Starting Sunday March 20, 2022


When and what type of emails can I send to plot?


1)Starting the Friday of an event for one week the only emails that plot will accept are event reviews and XP shout outs. Any other emails will be deleted to maintain the organization of the plot email.


2)Once XP has been sent to the players, plot email is now open to players to send in between event request emails. Each player will be limited to one email between games. If more than one email is sent by the same player, the newest email will be responded to, and all other emails will be deleted to maintain the organization of the plot email.


3)One week before an event the plot email is closed to new requests. Any new email received after this cut off time will be deleted to maintain the organization of the plot email.




Further Clarifications…


What should I put in an Event Review/XP Shout Out email?

Event review section. We want to hear about what you enjoyed during the event, and your constructive criticism - we are open to hearing suggestions for ways we might improve events. We find it helpful when you can identify the day and time of the mod or fight.

(Example: I really enjoyed the Saturday fight after dinner. I found the different type of creatures and stats allowed for most players to get involved and feel useful. However, Sunday morning the fight after breakfast was not well stated. Most players had gone home early due to the rain and therefore we were completely outmatched and overrun. May I suggest a Cast runner Sunday morning to inform plot of player number before stating on Sundays”)


XP shout out section. We need your help. There is so many players (PCs and Cast) that plot can’t see even a fraction of all the amazing things that players do in a weekend. Therefore, we want your help giving out the XP to players. How to do this? First you give us the Players real name and PC/Cast Role name (We really need both if possible. If not a description of what they were wearing will help). Second, the one liner you see on your XP sheets. This is the funny little line that you get next to the XP amount that you are always trying to figure out what it means. Thirdly, a few sentences to explain to plot what the player did and what your one liner means. XP amounts will be decided by plot and owners based on the number of times we hear about something for different players in XP shout outs.

(Example: Owner Doug/ Phillip “I am going to cook that”. During the fight players keep bring in the bodies of Cast roles. Phillip was trying to cook dinner and was getting frustrated with all the bodies pilling up in his kitchen. So, he just started “cooking” them up for dinner. Told everyone Saturday night that dinner was new recipe)


What if I haven’t had a response from the plot team for my email?

We will respond within one week of your email. If you haven’t heard back after one week, you may send us a reminder with a request to know which plot member will be handling your email and general timeline of how they plan to handle your request. This will be the only acceptable way to remind plot of your email.


I already sent an email this month, but now I want to do something else. What options do I have?

You have two choices.

  • Try and play out at the next event.
  • Hold on to this action for the following month email.


I have been invited to join a group in their email request. If I accept, will I not be able to send in my own email?

No. Whomever sends the email for the group will be counted as the player who is sending in the action. Please note two things; The limit of 1 email per player is not to punish players. It’s to try and reduce the workload to the volunteer team of plot members. We want to make sure that our team has the energy and time to support all players as the game continues to grow. Secondly, if you try and use group emails to have multiple actions in the same month, we will speak to you and your group and pick which single action to respond to.  Please don’t try and break this new system to your solo benefit. With the growing game and requests, we must reduce plot’s time with emails or remove in-between event action emails all together.



How do I send in a plot email to request an action?

We will accept any layout you feel most comfortable with but here are some general guidelines that make it easier for us.


In the subject line it is helpful if you can 1) Name the PC(s) 2) identify which plot member you think should be responding. You can state “any plot member” if you don’t know. Note that sometime even if you identify a plot member another plot member might respond. 3) what your email is generally about.

(Example: Snickerdoddle/ Plot Chip/ Visiting the local bakery)


In the body of the email, it is helpful if you can keep it short and to the point.  If your request is for in between game RP we will be exploring new ways to do this that isn’t long written emails. (Like chats, FA&D mods etc.) In the body of the email let us know what you are doing, how much downtime hours are being used and what you are hoping to accomplish. 

(Example: Snickerdoddle learned that there might be an underground cookie ring. They met Plot Chip’s Cast Role at lunch on Saturday and they are going to work for them at the local bakery for the month. 60 hours being used towards this. They will be spending the time trying to find out more about this possible ring. Snickerdoddle is hoping to find out if there is a ring and if so are they really selling cookies are they actually smuggling in poisons)



Final thoughts from your plot team. We love the excitement and creativity of the emails and in between actions players get up to. We want to continue to be able to not only support your adventures during events but between games. This new streamline system is being designed to give plot the time to focus on one aspect of the game at a time (Event/XP/Plot emails/Event prep).  We believe that if players have a week (post event) to think about what they want to send to us for between game action, they can get their thoughts into one precise email. And if you have feedback on this new email system, please let us know the week after the March event in your Event review and XP email.