Player Relations Manual


Fantasy Alive Player Relations is a specialized group of people in Fantasy Alive who help players with issues that may arise. Fantasy Alive is a social game with a great many different people coming together to play, and so disputes or problems can occasionally occur which cannot be resolved by the players themselves. When this happens, the Player Relations team, which includes Owners, Plot Manager and Player Relations Officers, work with the players to ensure the best solution is found which protects and respects every player involved.

The goal of Fantasy Alive is to provide a safe, welcoming community of players to ensure as much enjoyment of the game as possible. And the Player Relations Team is one aspect we have developed to assist with that goal.

Types of Issues Handled by Fantasy Alive Player Relations

Fantasy Alive Player Relations is willing and able to assist with issues which arise during any interaction at an official Fantasy Alive event, be it in person or online.Whether it is an in-person weekend game, Fantasy Alive and Dice session, an interaction in a Fantasy Alive forum or other online space, a Fantasy Alive booth at a convention, or any other event officially sanctioned or attended by Fantasy Alive. Issues arising outside of these events may be supported by Fantasy Alive but unless they are criminal in severity, Fantasy Alive will not be able to take action.

Player Relations will assist with issues which are prohibited by the Code of Conduct ( first and foremost. Any issue not covered by the Code of Conduct may be brought to the Player Relations Team and will only be assisted by Fantasy Alive at the discretion of the Owners.

Fantasy Alive does not have the authority to handle issues of a criminal level of severity. In a case of this severity which occurs during an official Fantasy Alive sanctioned event, Fantasy Alive may offer support to a victim of a criminal act in bringing it to the proper authorities or directly report the instance based on the circumstances of the crime. Fantasy Alive has no authority and so will not be part of reporting any criminal issues occuring to Fantasy Alive Players outside of sanctioned events.

Some examples of smaller issues that Player Relations will not handle are:

  • Personality conflicts between players.
  • Relationship issues between players.
  • Issues which relate to other aspects of the game, such as Rules or Plot.

Fantasy Alive reserves the right to determine if an issue requires Player Relations intervention as per the Owner’s discretion in consultation with the rest of the Player Relations Team.

Reporting an Issue to Player Relations

Should an issue arise please reach out to Player Relations as soon as possible! 

Generally, issues can be settled much easier if they are brought to the attention of the Player Relations Team immediately. They are prepared to take time during a game, or when they can between games, to assist our players.

There are multiple methods of reporting the issue to the Fantasy Alive Player Relations Team:

Regardless of the method chosen to start the conversation, please make sure to provide the following information:

  • Your name
  • A brief description or recounting of the issue.
  • Names or descriptions of any other players involved in the issue.

This information will be the starting point for the conversation and more information may be requested, but that is all you will need to begin with.

Should a player wish to remain anonymous when reporting an issue you have two options.

The first is to speak to one member of the Player Relations Team and request to remain anonymous to the rest of the Team. This request will be respected and all communication to the player will be done solely through the one member of the Player Relations Team originally consulted.

The second is to have another player submit the issue with your information. While this method is acceptable and issues brought forward this way will be handled, Fantasy Alive may be limited in what actions we can take to assist with the issue unless the player submitting the issue can be spoken to by a member of the Player Relations Team. 

How Fantasy Alive Handles Issues

All issues brought to a member of the Fantasy Alive Player Relations Team will be taken seriously. 

All issues brought to the Fantasy Alive Player Relations Team will be kept in strict confidence. The information on the issue will never be shared beyond the Player Relations Team members consulted on the issue, the Owners and their files.

The first action of the Player Relations Team member approached with an issue will be to assess the situation and take any necessary actions to resolve immediate concerns. Players who are addressed by the Player Relations Team member during this time, whether they are bringing the issue forward or are players involved in the issue, are required to defer to the Player Relations Team member until such time as the immediate concerns are resolved. This deference may involve separation from the other players involved in the issue, stepping out-of-game and aside for a private talk, escorting a player or players directly to an Owner for a discussion or any other actions the Player Relations Team member believes is necessary to assist with immediate concerns.

The issue must then be brought to the attention of the Owners, if not brought directly to them at the start. The Owners will then decide how to handle the issue. Based on the issue, these actions can range from a quick chat with the player(s) involved, to a full investigation of the incident, to taking the issue to the proper legal authorities.

The Owners of Fantasy Alive will generally decide on their actions based on consultations with the rest of the Player Relations Team. Though in some circumstances, this consultation may not be done depending on the sensitivity of the issue, the player(s) requests for anonymity or other factors. Players bringing forth issues may also request that certain members of the Player Relations Team be not consulted on the issue, and this request will always be accepted.

As necessary, Fantasy Alive will apply resources to ensure the issue is handled properly and resolved appropriately.


Regardless of the issue brought forward, or the extent of the Owner’s actions, all issues will be documented. 

The details of the issue will be logged in official Fantasy Alive records, including all information brought forward as part of the issue. For minor issues, the initial information and the resulting quick action are recorded. For larger issues, the details of all investigation, interviews, and results are recorded and kept for future reference. This includes notes on verbal meetings, exact unaltered text from written testimonies and any other information which arises during the handling of an issue.

When documenting an issue, the Player Relations Team will aim to answer these questions:

  • Who  – Who is the situation about? Who was involved? Who knows about it or witnessed it happen?
  • What – What happened? What were they doing at the time? What may have caused the situation?
  • When – When did the situation take place? Has it happened on multiple occasions?
  • Where  – Where did it happen?
  • How – How are they feeling after the incident? How can you help them? How would they like to see it resolved?

Documentation of past issues will be used to determine the results of an issue, with each documented breach of the Code of Conduct or other negative actions used to cause more strict corrective actions.


For some issues, the Owners may decide that the issue requires an investigation to give the Owners the necessary information to make a proper and fair decision to settle the issue. These investigations can involve in-person, video, voice or text interviews with any player related to the issue and/or requests for information, official documents or any other items could be used for proof of a claim.

All participation in a Fantasy Alive investigation is voluntary and any player may elect to leave the process at any time. Official documents or other items used for a proof shown to Fantasy Alive will not be held for any length of time or copies made for documentation.

Interviews or other aspects of an investigation will be performed by the Owners. A member of the Player Relations Team may be empowered by the Owners to take on aspects of an investigation but may only do so if approved by the Owners.

Investigations may require multiple interviews or meetings. All aspects of an investigation are voluntary but in order to obtain all the information we require to make a proper judgement, we request that all players agree to participate.

Time-frame of Investigation

Investigations into issues will be completed in as quick a time as possible while still ensuring all the necessary information is gathered to make a proper decision. 

Issues brought to the Player Relations Team immediately following an incident at an in-person game will be attempted to be settled at that time while all players involved are available. 

Issues brought to the Player Relations Team by other methods will likely take longer to settle as contacting all players involved can take time. 

Decisions and Resolutions

When possible, the Fantasy Alive Player Relations Team will work with all players involved in an issue to come to a solution that is acceptable to all. This method of resolution will be attempted first in all but the most severe cases. This mediation will be done by the Owners or a Player Relations Officer empowered to do so on the Owner’s behalf.

If a solution both parties can agree on cannot be found, or an issue is found to require corrective action under the Code of Conduct ( then the decision on the issue is made solely by the Owners. This decision may be made while in consultation with the Player Relations Team, but the final word is provided by the Owners.

A decision on an issue brought to the players by the Owners is the final word on the issue. All players must abide by that decision and accept any requirements laid out in that decision.

Decisions will be fully communicated to the players involved in the issue, and will be fully recorded in the documentation.


Following the resolution of an issue, all players are required to abide by the details of the resolution or decision concerning the issue. 

Any player continuing actions causing the issue resolved or decided on will be subject to corrective actions based on the severity of the issue.

Should new information arise concerning an issue, then a player may bring that information to the Player Relations Team. This information may reopen an investigation or change a decision made by the Owners, but only at the discretion of the Owners in consultation with the Player Relations Team.

Player Relations Officer Role

A Player Relations Officer’s role in Fantasy Alive’s Player Relations Team is to support the Owners in handling player issues. They act as advisors to the Owners to provide alternative perspectives and useful ideas. They will sometimes be empowered by the Owners to perform interviews, investigations or mediation on some issues, but may not perform any investigation or interviews without express permission from the Owners. Player Relations Officers may never give the final decision on any issue.

Player Relations Officers are a voluntary position and may choose to assist with an issue or not at their discretion. The Owners may also choose to remove a Player Relations Officer from the discussion on an issue, but will generally leave that decision up to the Officer. 

Player Relations Officers are required to conduct themselves with care and compassion while handling an issue. When empowered to investigate, the Player Relations Officer must respect the position of authority they have been granted and act only in ways which uphold Fantasy Alive’s ideals of a welcoming and respectful community. 

Player Relations Officers receiving a report of an issue which is part of another aspect of Fantasy Alive, such as Rules or Plot, may direct the player to the proper channel to express their issue. 

Player Relations Officer Position Description

This position is responsible for assisting players and all positions within Fantasy Alive in solving problems. They will generally assist players by bringing their concerns to the proper person to be handled, but they may also remain within the discussion of the issue if requested by any of the parties involved. This position works under the supervision of the Owner and Head of the Player Relations Team.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Discuss and provide recommendations on all submissions for changes or additions to the Code of Conduct.
  • Discuss questions posed to the whole of the Player Relations Team
  • Be available during Fantasy Alive events for players to speak to about issues.
  • Be available between Fantasy Alive events to assist players and Fantasy Alive Position holders in solving issues brought to them
  • Maintain the privacy of any player approaching the Player Relations Officer if so requested
  • Work directly with any players or Fantasy Alive Position to assist in solving issues.
  • Assist in the timely response to emails sent to the Player Relations Team email.
  • Ensure that all character, player, investigation or other information collected is kept private and only provided at the discretion of the Owner.

Term of Position

  • Permanent until requested by player or removed at Owners’ discretion.

Application Requirements

  • Minimum 6 months of event attendance
  • Proven record of fairness and sensitivity to Player’s needs


  • 20 OC per event