Nov 20th Masquerade Day Event

Our first event back for FA Toronto! Come out to our Role-Play only event  re-introducing everyone back to the world of Fantasy Alive!


Information on the game, including site-specific rules can be found here:


OUR COVID Safety Plan is in effect for this event. Please read and make sure you understand all aspects of it before attending the event.



This proof may be provided in any of these three ways:

  1. Attach a copy of the 2nd Dose proof to your completed Waiver
  2. Email a copy to
  3. Present proof in person to the COVID Screener at the entrance of the site during the Logistics Window.

If you have provided proof previously, it has been recorded and will not need to be shown again.


This event will be a return to the full logistics! 


With this being our return to logging characters for events, we have a couple announcements:

  1. All characters that existed in the database as of our last event in March 2019 will be granted the maximum allowable downtime of 12 weeks. This may be used for any actions that can normally be done.
  2. Character registration is now open and usable for either FA Toronto or FA Ottawa-Kingston. Just make sure to select the correct game when you are logging.
  3. No travel downtime is required to be spent by any character in order to go to any other Fantasy Alive game. 
  4. A cap of 100 OC or converting just enough OC to purchase a single skill will be used for this event. Other options may become available for future events.
  5. All Logistics and character information questions can be sent to



To register and be all prepared for the event, make sure you complete each of these steps!


  1. Fill out the Event Registration Form here:

(Make sure to select "FA Toronto"!)

The deadline to log in for this event is: MONDAY NOVEMBER 15TH at 11PM.


  1. If your character is completing a complex log form, the file to fill out can be found here:

When you have that complete, please attach it to your Event Registration form (above) or email it to

The deadline for submitting complex logs is SUNDAY NOVEMBER 14TH at 11PM.


  1. If you are creating a new character for this event, you can find a helpful file for that here:

When you have the character all figured out, please fill out this New Character form:

If you have any questions you can always reach out to our New Player Reps here:

The deadline for submitting New Characters for this event is MONDAY NOVEMBER 15HT at 11PM.


  1. Fill out the online Waiver for participating in EAO events:

This is a new version that has been updated with our current methods and policies. Everyone who attends must fill this out even if they have filled it out previously.



Game Info!


This event will be held in a location other than Yorik. There will be no downtime or IG costs associated with characters getting to this location or returning to Yorik.


All people coming to the site are required to complete a COVID screening test before doing anything else on the site. A spot will be setup at the entrance to the site to complete this during the Logistics Window. Any person found to pose a risk of spreading COVID-19 will be turned away from the site immediately. Please make sure to complete a COVID self assessment and ensure that you pass before beginning your trip to the site: and if you are arriving outside of the Log Window, send the results to


You may arrive on site no earlier than 12Noon on Saturday November 20th. 


The site will have heaters available for all to stay warm while in either the open barn or tents that will be setup for cover. Some small cabins may be available as well, but only with permission from an Owner.



Event Schedule


12Noon-1pm - Setup and arrival

- We will be working on getting setup for the event. Help would be appreciated and rewarded with OC!


1pm to 3:30pm - OOG Portion which will include:

- A table for Extra Life! 

- Guided tour(s) of the site

- a sparring area to practice safe and dramatic combat under our COVID Safety Plan rules

- warm and covered areas to meet, chat and see everyone before getting ready for the IG portion.

(Details on these below!)


3:30-4pm - Announcement from Plot

- Giving some lead-up information to the IG portion

- Providing some future plans

- Re-introducing everyone to the world!


4-9pm - IG Portion

- Masquerade! Come meet and talk about what has been going on in the world of Fantasy Alive!

- A full dinner will be served between 6-7pm.


9-10pm - Event ends and cleanup

- The event will conclude and we will begin cleanup and take-down. Help will be appreciated and rewarded with OC.


12midnight - All players must be off site by this time.



Details of the Happenings at this Event!


Logistics Window

On-Site Logistics and Check-In will run from 12:30pm to 4pm.



(Any player who has not completed an event registration must play a Pre-set basic character or may use an old character sheet if provided to the Logistics Manager for approval.)


There are two options for attending the event. Please ensure that whichever one works for you, that you complete ALL steps in that option.


OPTION 1: Arriving during the Log window.

- Complete the EAO Waiver and Consent to Participation form by no later than the Monday before the event: (It may be possible to complete the waiver on site depending on your cell service.)

- Drive onto site and park with the other cars.

- Gather your things and approach the tent at the entrance to the site. NOTE: HAVE YOUR TAGS AND COIN OWED TO LOG IMMEDIATELY READY TO GIVE TO LOGISITCS!!!

- Provide Proof of double vaccination (if not provided earlier). This must be done for every person. Physical or phone copies are acceptable.

- Provide payment for the event if not done already. Cash or card payments will be accepted at the door.

- Complete a COVID Screening or provide proof of completing the official Ontario Customer Screening (

- Drop all tags and coin owed to Log into the provided container.

- Receive your envelope containing your character sheet, tags and coin.


- Head onto site to get setup and ready for the game! 


OPTION 2: Arriving outside of the Log Window

- Complete the EAO Waiver and Consent to Participation form by no later than the Monday before the event:

- Provide Proof of double vaccination via submission of the Waiver or emailing a copy to no later than the Monday before the event.

- Provide payment for the event through the website:

- Provide proof of completing the official Ontario Customer Screening between Noon of the Friday and Noon Saturday of the event. (


- Head onto site to get setup and ready for the game! (Note: if this time is after the game has begun, please prepare in the parking lot and walk into the game In-Game.)

- Keep all tags and coin owed to Log in a sealed bag or container and provide them to the Logistics Manager as soon as you see them on site.


- Receive your envelope containing your character sheet, tags and coin from the Logistics Manager upon providing your owed items (if any).

NOTE: This event Ian Patterson will be the Logistics Manager.


The site will be signed appropriately to allow for all players to know where to enter, where to park, and where to find Logistics. You must follow all signage in order to not damage yourselves, vehicles or the site.



Extra Life Charity Drive

We will be setting up a table for our favourite charity, Extra Life! Come out and learn more about the organization and check out the ways Fantasy Alive will be supporting them this year!

A couple details now...


Blind Auction: A special item will be up for auction with all proceeds from it going to Extra Life. If you want to know what it is , you'll need to come out! Whoever wins this auction will receive a tag for the item as well as the phys-rep!


Healing Items: A small selection of items will be available at the Masquerade for purchase, with all proceeds going to Extra Life. We will be accepting payment at the site or afterwards, but the items will be first-come first serve! 


We will be promoting Extra Life more as we get into our yearly Season of Giving starting in December, so keep your eyes open for more ways to support this great charity!



Guided tour(s) of the site

If there is enough interest, we have some guides available for showing groups around the rest of the place, which will be available for future events if we use this site. Exact times and groups will depend on interest and timing.



Sparring ground

A location will be set aside to allow players to spar with their weapons. This area will be away from the main area of the event. All players choosing to participate in the sparring area must do so following all of our COVID Safety Plan rules such as wearing a mask the whole time, maintain small skirmishes, etc.


No official combat will occur at this event. Weapons may be worn or carried by players during the OOG or IG potions of the day but absolutely no combat will be permitted outside of the designated sparring area. There will be immediate and dire IG and OOG consequences for any player who draws a weapon or attempts to start any combat during the IG portion of the night.



Announcement from Plot

Our Plot Manager will be talking to everyone about the IG details for the Masquerade as well as some plans and what we will look forward to in future events. Some of this information will be available in a post that will be up before the event and the rest will be during this time. 


At this time we ask that players refrain from talking to Plot members at the Masquerade event about plot-related things or sending in emails to the Plot address. The Plot Team will be focused on getting the event ready so will not have time to speak to everyone. And as we shake off the dust and get back to games, we will be slowly returning to our full Plot services. Until then, we ask for patience so that our Plot Team can also ease themselves back into the game.




A full dinner will be served at the Masquerade and will be available for all players attending. Vegetarian or other dietary restrictions can be accomodated. If you have not informed Toni or Doug of these restrictions please do so ASAP!


We require that all players eating do so while following our COVID Safety Plan rules