Items for sale with Ogre Chips during Registration

Bundle Name Requirements Details OC Cost
Apprentice N/A 1 Apprentice providing only additional hours. May not use this to exceed the normal Max of 2 Apprentices. IG upkeep for apprentice must be paid (5cp/week). 50 OC
Healing Mixtures N/A 1 Energy Boost, 1 Wonder Tonic and 1 Miracle Tonic

80 OC

Life Potions N/A 1 Life Potion 350 OC
Alchemists Alchemy Skill 5 Ingredients of choice (excluding Mithril Dust) 20 OC
Armour Smith Armour Smith Skill Any combination of 5 - cloth, leather, iron, lumber, and hardware.  5 OC
Bower / Fletcher Bower/ Fletcher Skill Any combination of 5 - wood, hardware, cloth 3 OC
Craftsman Craftsman Skill Any combination of 5 - hide, parchment, iron, wool, lumber, hardware, container 3 OC
Herbalist Herbalist Skill 5 Herbs of choice 20 OC
Labourer Labourer Skill Any combination of 5 - iron, stone, wood, wool, hide 3 OC
Mechanic Mechanic Skill Any combination of 5 - iron, hardware, rope, cloth, hourglass, lumber, wineskin (limit of one hourglass) 5 OC
Merchant Merchant Skill 5 Common Goods in any Category you currently have (NOTE: Each location of Armour is one item.) 8 OC
Physician Physician Skill 12 Bandages 1 OC
Weapon Smith Weapon Smith Skill Any combination of 5 - wood, iron, leather 3 OC
Arcaner Read Magic Skill 1 Arcane Ink, 1 Parchment (10), 3 Quill and Ink 40 OC