Endless Adventures Meet and Greet


When: Saturday, September 25,  2pm – 11pm

Where:  212 Concession 14 Walpole, Hagersville, ON  (MAP) (Parking and area map below.)

Cost:  $10/person (includes food), either prepaid on our website or in cash drop-box at the door.

What to Expect:  This will be an out-of-game gathering to catch up with old friends and meet some of our newer players perhaps for the first time.  We will have food, fun activities and even live entertainment from the fabulous Eclectic Revival!  There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and take part in discussions about all of the exciting changes occurring at Fantasy Alive.


Full Meet and Greet Details!

(NOTE: Details subject to change and updates!)


COVID Safety

This event will be run using the EAO COVID Safety Plan which can be found HERE.

All players MUST read and agree to abide by the COVID Safety Plan, which includes providing proof of vaccination to be allowed at this event.

Proof of vaccination may be provided by emailing a copy to: Logistics@fantasyalivelrp.com, filling out a copy of the updated Waiver or by showing the proof to our COVID Screener at the door.




2:00pm - Doors open (COVID Screening required for entry)

4:00pm - New Player Orientation

5:00pm - Dinner service begins 

5:30pm - Preliminary Trivia Quiz & Packet Results must be handed in

6:00pm - Speeches and Q&A with Owners, Plot Manager and Rules

7:00pm - Concert by Eclectic Revival begins (runs to 11pm)

9:00 - Trivia Contest final showdown

10:00 - Raffle Draw

11:00 - Doors close. Everyone arrive home safe!


Food and Drinks

Entrance to the Meet and Greet also includes a dinner and drinks. Dinner will consist of 2 Hamburgers, 2 Hot Dogs or one of each as well as a side. Drink will be cans of pop and bottles of water. 

If you require a vegetarian meal or have other special dietary requirements, please notify Doug ASAP so that these can be arranged.

All food will be provided following all COVID Safety requirements for serving food and cleanliness possible. 

Like all EAO events, no alcohol or drugs are allowed.



Picnic tables will be available for seating around the Meet and Greet. 

Anyone attending is welcome to bring their own folding/camp chairs to use during the night, especially for the concert.


Rain or Shine!

This event will go on rain or shine! (Though we're hoping for 'shine'.) Tents and an open building will be available for shelter.

We will enforce our COVID safety policy on building maximum occupancy, but with the current attendance planned that should not be a problem.


Games and Events

Test your Fantasy Alive Knowledge for fun, prizes and glory! One initial quiz will lead the best to a Quiz-Off!

See who has the best aim! Initial winners will face off in one final challenge!

Find out more about our plans for Land and the future of Fantasy Alive and EAO. Entrance to the Meet and Greet gives you two tickets to put in a Raffle! Additional Raffle tickets can be bought for more entries at $2 for one or 3 for $5. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at various times during the Meet and Greet. Prizes include...

  • Free Event!
  • Fancy Short swords!
  • OC!
  • Merch!


Children Attending

Children are allowed to attend so long as they and their guardians follow all COVID Safety protocols. This event is designed for adults, so there are not specific activities for children. No child-care will be provided.


Map, Directions and Parking

Please enter the site at the entrance marked with the Fantasy Alive Sign.

Parking is right inside the signed entrance along the West fence.

Entrance to the Meet and Greet are South of the parking, just follow the signs! 

COVID Screening must be completed at the gate into the event before entrance.



Want to help out?

Would you like to assist with us running the Meet and Greet? 

We are currently looking for volunteers to help us make the event run as smoothly as possible. Below is the list of what we are looking for:
   - 1-2 hours helping in the kitchen
   - Arrive for noon to assist with setting up tents, food, etc.
   - Stay until midnight to cleanup.
   - Take a 1 hour shift at gate making sure people are properly checked.
If you are interested, please reach out to the Owners at:  owners@fantasyalivelrp.com