Fantasy Alive and Dice

This is where you can find everything you need to learn about sessions and get one booked!

FA&D Rulebook - You can find our current rulebook for Fantasy Alive and Dice here.

Adventure Options - Here's a list of all of the mods we are currently running.  You can take a look at the different types of mods we're running and pick the one you'd like for your session. 

When Registration is open, you can book here! - This is where you can see which session dates are currently available.  Make your purchase here to claim your date and time.  To book a group session, you need to purchase the session here.

When Registration is open, you can book here! - If you'd like to register as a single player, you can join our session here. Once we have players for a session, we'll be in touch! 

 Complete your monthly Logistics here! - This is where you'll need to log your character before the end of the block of sessions. Purchase skills, craft items and convert OC for the game.  Remember, there are NPC teacher's available! Logistics is open all month for that block of sessions. During any month where you play a session of FA&D you have until 11pm on the last day of the month to submit your Logistics form. 


Information and Fantasy Alive and Dice FAQs

What is Fantasy Alive and Dice?

What is a Fantasy Alive and Dice session?

What are Adventure Options?

What dates/times are available?

How much does FA&D cost?

How do I sign up and go on an FA&D adventure?

What’s the difference between registering as a group or as an individual?

Does my character get XP for playing FA&D?

How do I Log/update my character through FA&D?

Are FA&D sessions part of the Fantasy Alive LARP world?

Can my character die in FA&D? Lose items? Get loot?

What does an FA&D Plot Member do?

What do I do with tags or coin in FA&D?

What are the “Self-Assessed Qualities” and how do I do that?

What do I do with Improvement Points?

What EXACTLY can I craft for an FA&D Log?

What happens to me expired tags?


What is Fantasy Alive and Dice?

We may not be getting together right now, but life in Yorik never slows down!  Welcome to Fantasy Alive and Dice! (Or FA&D for short.) These online mods will be held by the Fantasy Alive Team, as a way to keep connected, keep Yorik bustling and keep Role Playing.

There are many types of Mods that we will be running such as Puzzle, Investigation, Stealth, Heavy Combat and Heavy Role Play.  Some mods will be booked only as a group, others will be a collection of individuals wanting to play.  You can take a look at the time slots below, and our current adventure options here

The sessions will be hosted on Roll20 - an online table top simulator. You will need to create a free account there before your first session. Unfamiliar with Roll20? Check out the guides and tutorials for the website!

To join us for a session, just follow the instructions here


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What is a Fantasy Alive and Dice session?

A single game of FA&D is called a session. These sessions are scheduled dates and times when an FA&D Plot member will run a specific Adventure you select.

The list of adventure options can be found here.

Sessions are scheduled in blocks which are one calendar month at a time. Bookings for sessions are opened up 1-2 weeks before the block of sessions begins and closes after all sessions are booked or on the final day of the month. 

Sessions are booked here and are done on a mostly first-come-first-served basis. Some consideration and rescheduling will take place to allow newer or less often playing players the ability to join in on sessions. 

Are you having trouble booking a session? Please contact the Owners to get that sorted at


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What are Adventure Options?

The Adventure Options are the options for what you and your group can do while playing FA&D. These include some ideas of what the adventure will be about and some starting information so you know where the adventure begins.

Each listed adventure contains this information:

Short description: Information to show the beginning of the adventure, or provide some more insight into what you and your group will be facing. 

Plot Member Running: The Name of the Plot Member(s) able to run the adventure.

Session Length (approx.): The expected length of the adventure in hours. Note, this time will vary based on actions during the adventure.

Adventure Style: This is a general guideline for how much of each aspect of an adventure may be part of the adventure

Categories: Combat, Puzzle, Role-Play, Investigation, Stealth, Comedy: Each aspect is ranked between none, light, medium and heavy.  This can also include Seasonal Qualities, such as Spookiness and Festive Spirit. 

Additional Tags: Interesting hints or bits of information to give some expectations for things that may happen during an adventure. Like: Haunted House, Caravan Guard, Town Fight, Save the Peasant, etc.


Some adventures are stand-alone sessions, meaning that they are designed to be run and completed in a single session. While some adventures are listed as “Multi-part adventures” meaning that they contain an on-going story that can be played through a series of sessions.

A full list of the adventures available can be found here.


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What dates/times are available?

To book a Sessions you'll want to take a look at the Sessions page here. 

The calendar below shows all of the sessions that could be scheduled this month. However, it does not mark which sessions are still available, so please check the booking page here.


NOTE: The first week that booking is open, a group may only book a single session.  After that first week, if there are still sessions available, then groups may book an additional session if they would like.   

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How much does FA&D cost?

FA&D Sessions are designed as a “Pay-what-you-can” model. When paying for the session you may select any of the options for payment based on what you can afford (all the way down to free).

If you are the leader of the group, selecting and booking your session date, you'll want to book here!

Each player joining an FA&D session must go through the booking page. Even if you choose to play for free, completing the booking process helps us to track who is playing.  After the group leader has booked the session, other players just need to purchase the general session here.


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How do I sign up and go on an FA&D adventure?

To join us for an FA&D session, just follow these steps…

If you do not have a group setup but would like to join a session:

  1. Purchase your session here. Each month we will offer at least one session set aside for individual adventurers. 
  2. Once the session has been booked up, we'll let you know the rest of the group members.

If you are registering a group all together:

  1. Have the leader of the group purchase the booking to select a session.  
  2. Make sure to include each person in your group and the correct email address for each. This let's us know who will be joining you and helps us to make sure that the session is set up for you!
  3. Ensure that all other players in the group complete the booking here
  4. You will receive a confirmation email detailing the steps you’ll need to follow to make sure you’re all set for the game!


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Does my character get XP for playing FA&D

Yes! Just like paying for a regular LARP event, you get XP for your character. And as a bonus, you’ll also get Marshal XP from your FA&D Plot Team member for the neat things you do!

Characters receive XP based on the sessions they play each month:

Session #




Additional Sessions

Base XP

20 XP

10 XP

5 XP


Marshal XP

Up to 3 entries

Up to 3 entries

Up to 3 entries

Up to 3 entries


So a character played for 3 or more sessions each month will get a total of 35 Base XP plus all of the Marshal XP granted by the FA&D Plot Team members.

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What’s the difference between registering as a group or as an individual?

Registering as a group allows you to select the players you will be with during an FA&D session. It requires that one player be the “leader” of the group and be the one to book the group and register everyone all together.Full instructions can be found here.

An individual is a player who does not have a specific group they wish to play with, but instead are willing to join any others who also wish to play. These players will be added to a group that agrees to add another player (up to the maximum) or will be collected into a game full of individual registrations. Either way, the player(s) will be contacted and session dates/times will be worked out. Full instructions can be found here.

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How do I Log/update my character through FA&D?

Players who register for an FA&D session may also log and update the character they play during a session. To do this, simply fill out the FA&D Log Form.

Updating your character for FA&D sessions is different and more limited than doing so for an event, so please read and follow the steps below.

  • Regardless of how many FA&D sessions you play during a block, you may only submit one Log form for your character. Should you play more than one character, you may log once for each character you play.
  • Logging your character may be done up to the final day of the block of sessions. Skills and items sent in with your Log form may be applied to the FA&D character sheet during the block of sessions the Log form was sent in (so you get your skills immediately, don’t have to wait for an official sheet.)
  • Any players who do not submit a log before that time will receive their XP but forfeit their chance to do any updates to their character for that block.
  • Players may send in their Log form at any time, but only forms received before Midnight of the final day of the month will be used for updating the character. The Logs will be processed for about 1 week and updated character sheets will be placed into each player’s Character Sheet Folder.  A public post will be made to announce when all character updates are complete and sheets are available. 
  • When submitting a log, please spell out your full player name and character name as it appears on an official character sheet sent to you previously. Please also make sure that your email address is correct.  Doing so will make Log easier and everyone gets their updated sheets back sooner!
  • When entering your session date, you may use any or all sessions you have booked and received a confirmation for.
  • You may convert a maximum of 50 OC to XP
  • OC may NOT used in any of these fashions:
    • Converting enough to purchase a single skill.
    • Converting for Coin
  • Skills may be purchased for the character so long as the character has the necessary free SP to do so (including any gained from converting OC).
  • Skills which require a tutor must still provide the name of the tutor. If an NPC tutor is used, the copper cost for learning the skill should be applied to their character sheet on FA&D.  The cost for NPC tutors can be found here. 
  • Skills which involve role-play to learn may not be purchased at FA&D Logs. This is so that we do not cheapen the experience for others during the time we are unable to provide the full in-person experience. The skills that cannot be learned through FA&D Logs are:
    • Clerical Investment levels 6-9
    • Divination levels 6-9
    • Arcane Research 6-10
    • Syphon
  • Players do not need to send an email to Plot to request learning a skill. If you wish to learn a skill that is allowed, then simply include it in your FA&D Log form.
  • The downtime system for characters is not being used during FA&D logistics. This means that downtime will be ignored when purchasing skills or crafting items, but also means that no character may do any other actions that require downtime, such as travel, work for a living or a cause, use the Merchant skill to sell items, etc...
  • A character may craft up to 3 items total with each Log. The downtime for these items will not be counted as stated above, but all materials used and tags created must be put onto the character’s FA&D character sheet by the player.
  • Plot will not be responding to any requests sent to the Plot email address. During this time they are planning for the next in-person event and no FA&D Plot Members have access to the email account.
  • All tags and coin used/spent/lost/gained from FA&D Logs or during an FA&D session must be entered onto the FA&D character sheet. At the next Fantasy Alive LARP event where you register and log your character, these tags and coin will be applied to your character and the physical items will be exchanged then.


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Are FA&D sessions part of the Fantasy Alive LARP world?

Yes! All FA&D sessions are considered cannon for your character. You have participated in the adventure and it is part of your character’s ongoing story.

One consideration that we ask for from our players is that you come up with creative ways to explain how different groups could have the same encounters, since we run the same adventure for multiple groups, there are times when discussing these during role-play can become confusing. To help with that, here are a few suggestions for options on how to handle these situations:

  • “You were there!” - you can pretend that a character from a different session was there at the same time, you just ‘lost track of each other’ or similar.
  • “That happened to you too? Weird.” - you can accept that certain things may happen multiple times, and that Yorik is just a funny place.
  • “Hm. Maybe it took a few tries to finally finish that off…” - you can think that the similar adventure happened a few times because of some unfinished business, or latent magic, or it just came back for more.

These are some options for how to handle the role-play, but you are welcome to come up with others yourself. Just please keep in mind that we are doing the best we can to offer fun for everyone, so please keep that in mind and help maintain everyone’s immersion and atmosphere.


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Can I lose items in FA&D? Get loot? Die?

Yes, yes and yes! These adventures act like the characters were at a regular event, so you can use items to help you, loot things you find and find yourself in a lot of trouble!

Items used or gained in FA&D adventures must be recorded on your FA&D character sheet and will be transferred to your character’s full LARP character sheet when we begin registration for our first event back.

All FA&D sessions will be considered canon. All actions taken will be part of your character’s story and will be remembered by those around. All effects caused to a character will act just as if they were at a regular event, including possible LP loss, aging and resurrections. All of these are possible, but the goal of these sessions is to provide an enjoyable time and so major changes to your character are unlikely to occur.

Should situations like a character’s spirit needing a resurrection and no member in the current group be able to provide that, or any other complicated situation, our FA&D Plot Team member will ensure that the game continues on in such a way as to allow for all player’s enjoyment.


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What does an FA&D Plot Member do?

You can find the FA&D Plot Team member official position on our website here.

The FA&D Plot member is like the LARP Plot member, but only for FA&D sessions. They will act out the Cast roles you will encounter during the session, adjudicate the SNs for success or failure of the character’s actions and otherwise provide a fun adventure for you and your group to enjoy.


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What do I do with tags or coin in FA&D?

Coin can be recorded on the “Copper earned/spent in FA&D” section of the Character sheet. All copper gained during a session can be added to the total there. All copper spent/lost during a session or log can be subtracted from the total.

Tags earned/gained/crafted through FA&D sessions or log should be written into the “Tags earned in FA&D” section of the character sheet.

Tags lost/stolen/used through FA&D sessions or log should be written into the “Tags owed to Log (used/lost in FA&D)” section of the character sheet.

When registration for our first Fantasy Alive LARP event has started, we will be transferring all coin and tags from FA&D character sheets to the official database and then handing out or taking in tags and coin at Logistics at the first event your character plays an event.

Coin and tags recorded on an FA&D character sheet can be transferred to another character only if these stipulations are met:

  • Both players and characters must be in attendance of the same FA&D session.
  • Both players must agree to the tag and/or coin transfer.
  • The tag and/or coin transfer must be witnessed and approved by an FA&D Plot Team member.

If any of these stipulations are not met, then no tags or coin may be traded between characters.

Players should also be fully clear to one another about which character is taking which tags or coin gained during an FA&D session.


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What are the “Self-Assessed Qualities” and how do I do that?

To help bring in an aspect of the true LARP experience, FA&D uses a Self-Assessed system. This allows players to rate their ability in key aspects of LARP based on their real-life ability and how they role-play their character. This grants their character those aspects in the table-top version as well.

Each quality below is rated on a scale listed in the description. A recommended total bonus of 10 be aimed for in the self-assessment for each character to allow for aspects the character excels in and abilities they lack, but it is entirely up to the player what bonus or negative they give themselves in each category.

Below are each Self-Assessed Quality and a quick description of what they relate to:

Melee Weapon Fighting – (Scale of -2 to +5) - This is the skill of the player in using the weapons their character regularly wields to land strikes on your opponents to blocking enemy swings. Any melee weapon (including hand-to-hand) is included in this Quality.

Ranged Weapon Accuracy – (Scale of -2 to +5) - Ability to hit your target with your ranged weapon (bow, throwing knife, or whatever your character uses.)

Packet Accuracy – (Scale of -2 to +5) - Ability to hit your target with packets.

Attack Evasion - (Scale of -2 to +5) – How adept you are at moving your body away from attacks.

Awareness - (Scale of -2 to +5) – Ability to notice things in your environment. Such as spot things far away, notice specific details of an item, see a trip-line on the path, or hear distant combat.

Mechanical Aptitude - (Scale of -2 to +5) – Ability to set and disarm traps or pick locks as well as experience with building your own triggers.

Sneakiness - (Scale of -2 to +5) - This is the player's ability to be stealthy and sneak up on people. Or the ability to palm a gem so no one sees you. Or to misdirect an enemy into distraction.

Mobility – (Scale of -1 to 2) - How easily and quickly you move. This takes into account how fast you react to surprises, your ability to cover ground quickly and how long you can run before you tire.

Once you have set your Self-Assessed Qualities on the character sheet, these should not be changed. To gain bonuses in the FA&D rolls, you must use Improvement Points which you can read about in the Rulebook or at the link here <link to What do I do with Improvement Points?>


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What do I do with Improvement Points?

Improvement Points are earned by playing FA&D sessions at a rate of 1 Point per session attended. The full details on how these points work and what you can use them for is in the rulebook. <link>

The total Improvement Points you have earned playing FA&D are recorded on your official Fantasy Alive character sheet which you will receive following the end of a block of sessions.

Converting an Improvement point to a Quality Bonus costs are shown in this table:


Quality Bonus




Additional Bonuses

Improvement Point Cost

1 point

2 points

3 points

Same cost as Bonus number.


So for example, raising a character’s Attack Evasion Quality Bonus from 0 to +1 would cost 1 Improvement Point. To further that same bonus from +1 to +2 would cost 2 more Improvement Points. So to raise that character’s Attack Evasion Quality Bonus from 0 to +2 would cost 3 Improvement Points total.

Improvement Points may be recorded by a player and used for Quality Bonuses immediately following an FA&D session. It is the player’s responsibility to update their character sheet with Improvement Points and Quality Bonuses.


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What EXACTLY can I craft for an FA&D Log?

A character may craft up to 3 items total with each Log. The downtime for these items will not be counted as stated above, but all materials used and tags created must be put onto the character’s FA&D character sheet by the player. 

All items your character can make with the skills and materials they currently have may be crafted. So a level 5 weapon smith who currently has tags for 2 Iron could make a long sword as one of their 3 crafting items.

Items earned through an FA&D session included on their character sheet can also be used for crafting. So the same weapon smith from above with 1 physical tag for Iron and 1 Iron found during an FA&D session they entered into their “Tags earned in FA&D” section of their sheet could also make a long sword during their FA&D log.

All items made during an FA&D Log must be put into the “Tags earned in FA&D” section of their FA&D character sheet. All materials used to craft an item during an FA&D Log must be put into the “Tags owed to Log (used/lost in FA&D)” section of their FA&D character sheet.

When in-person events begin for Fantasy Alive again, all items listed on FA&D character sheets will be added to the database and tags will be exchanged at the character’s next logistics.

Spells and crafting rules:

  • Learning a spell from a tag you already have can be done without using up a crafting spot. A maximum of 3 spells may be Learned during a single FA&D Log. These spells do not need to be recorded on the FA&D Log.
  • Copying a spell requires a crafting spot and should be done as described above.

Luxuries and crafting rules:

  • No luxuries which provide bonuses apply to crafting in FA&D. So luxuries like a Herbal Laboratory cannot be used to batch production, each crafting spot allows only 1 item to be made total.
  • No luxuries require upkeep during FA&D log. Upkeep will be calculated only for times when downtime is available again.
  • Luxuries that provide the ability to craft items such as a Forge being required to craft Plate armour may be used with no upkeep.


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What happens to my expired tags?

If you have a tag which expired at or before the last in-person event held on March 6th, 2020, then that tag is now no longer valid and may be discarded or handed in to Log at the next in-person event.

For tags which have expiry dates after March 6th, 2020, they will remain valid through all of the time when we are unable to host in-person events, so may be used within FA&D sessions normally.

When we return to in-person events, the tags which have expiry dates after March 6, 2020 will be adjusted to allow additional use of them for events. The exact amount the expiry dates will be adjusted will be determined when Logistics is setting up for those events.


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