Extra Life Items

This year's Extra Life auction has been completed!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed by purchasing an item or by bidding in the auctions! 

We will be in touch with the Auction winners soon. 


Each August, Yorik plays host to a most exciting event!  This month we will be hosting a fundraiser for Extra Life!  They are a fantastic charity that helps support local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.  All of the proceeds we raise through the sale of these items will go to help them with all of the good that they do! 

There are a number of items available for purchase.  Items will be added to your Fantasy Alive and Dice character sheet or to our character database (if you are not participating in FA&D) at the end of the fundraiser.  Any items or potions you purchase can be used during FA&D sessions.  And once our events begin again, any items which haven't been used will be provided during log the first time.  

If you purchase a magic item, you'll receive a tag which you can affix to any item you wish.  Items will expire 8 months after events begin again.  For potions, you will receive the tags for your potion.  

There are a limited number of items, but for items of interest, there may be some more added August 28th.  These items will be for sale until September 4th at 11:00 pm.

There are also a few extra special items that will be available by auction. You can find more information about those items in their listings below. But, the auction will be done through Facebook.  In order to bid on one of these items you need to either comment your bid on the specific item, or send your bid directly to the Fantasy Alive team by direct message on Facebook and they will put up your bid anonymously for you.