"And thus the babe was brought to bear, its blood tied to the Curtain. Their lineage touched by celestial or infernal origin will influence their path, but not determine it." - High Apencan Priestess Ellisandra

Lovers trysts, pacts for power, distant blood reawakened, or even more strange and arcane dealings created the curtainborn; children seen as half mortal and half divine. Many have a Celestial or Infernal parent, though few are lucky (or unlucky) enough to ever meet them, and this connection to the divine grants them incredible power at the cost of their mortal bodies. Curtainborn take to divine casting with incredible ease, but their physical bodies are fragile and don't respond well to physical labour or even conventional doctoring.

Occasionally outcast for their differences, a curtainborn is just as likely to be welcomed with open arms by churches or communities dedicated to the gods. Born into nearly every society across Ariel, curtainborn tend to adopt the culture of their youth, their only unifying characteristic is their connection to the divine.

The divine nature of the curtainborn is physically visible. They appear at first glance to be the same race as their mortal parentage, but their divine nature manifests as purple, blue, or orange blood, occasionally dependent on the nature of the divine parent but just as often random. This colours the eye sockets and the veins around the eyes in the colour of their divine blood, sometimes also visible elsewhere on the face or across the body. 


  • Begin with 10 Skill Points (SP)
  • Begin with 4 Life Points (LP)
  • Begin with 2 Resurrections
  • Begin with 5 Spiritual Endurance skill
  • Begin with the Spirit Sense skill
  • May purchase LP up to a maximum of 10 LP
  • May purchase Devotion skill for 4 SP each
  • May purchase Prayer skill for 4 SP each
  • Always receive +1 Armour Points (AP) from the Bless spell
  • Always receive +1 Armour Points (AP) from the Aid spell
  • No effect taken from healing from any Herbalism
  • No effect from the Physician Skills: First Aid, Field Medic, Patient Care, Prolong, Restore, and Heal
  • Cannot purchase Rapid Healing skill
  • Must pay an additional 1 SP per level for all Trade Skills
  • Must pay an additional 1 SP for the Physical Endurance skill


  • Base Mandatory Costuming of race origin required
  • Prominent veins around the eyes: Blue, Purple, or Orange


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